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"The printed page is obsolete. Information isn't bound up anymore, it's an
entity. The only reality is virtual - if you're not jacked in, you're not alive."

"Thank you, Fritz... for making us all sound like crazy people."

how is Buffy so incredible... I'm just starting my rewatch now (after a self-imposed 5 year ban) and aside from this ridiculous episode about medieval computing times, I'm really impressed with how it's stood the test of time! And only eight episodes in (and lets be honest; the worst eight) and it already blows every current show out of the water - so witty and the plots are really cleverly constructed

In other news since my last update: I am alive, I have finished with my course, I've moved out of home, I've experienced my first serious relationship, I have plans to move to Sydney very soon and I've taken a buttload of photos. I'm going to start posting them here and doing the whole icon critiquing thing I'm infamous for, but until I get around to it feel free to take a sneak peek at my tumblr

I'm hoping to use this year to establish myself living alone (and as an up-and-coming photographer!) and rekindle my fannish roots - I just hope there are other people left on livejournal to still do it with!
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