Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

So You Think You Can Dance - 7x22

ugh this girl is everything to me right now, I'm SO thrilled she won. Everything about her personality and the way she moves and holds herself is completely inspirational to me. I mean just look at this routine... every. single. step is totally flawless! And before you think it's just good choreography compare her routine to Twitch, who is just proof of how averagely she could have done it (my favourite comparison is the clock motion from 1:13). And then looking at her range of emotions in her :22 solo -- amazing.

In other news, my photography is going well, I'm working with models and hair and makeup people now so that opens up a whole new world of opportunities with what I can do, it's all very exciting. Everything's been so nuts lately but I'm thinking when I've finished the course in a few months I'll finally get around to posting all of my pictures here and discussing them like I used to with my icons :D (but... then again I thought I'd get my noughties lists and New York picspam finished and look how that's turned out)

And in other other news, I'm pretty sure nobody's going to see this because everyone's left livejournal for tumblr :P
Tags: sytycd
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