Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

So You Think You Can Dance - 7x12


ok so the choreography wasn't exactly thrilling, but I can't even tell you how much this pairing excites me. PLEASE let Katee be an all-star next season!
Also - how amazing is having the all-stars around turning out to be? It just feels like a big sytycd reuinion every week! :D It's a shame that we don't get to see Anya/Pasha together again but whatever, I'll take what I can get :P

Also you may have noticed I haven't really been posting lately (3+ months since my last "real" update :/) SO much stuff has been happening in my life. A lot of it is personal and I don't feel comfortable talking about publicly so I'm going to lock my "real posts" (aka not just a .gif of a cap) from now on. Although I'm worried that this is may be the end of me posting regularly and discussing my icons and such. I want to try and get back to how things were before but I don't foresee my life getting any less busy :(

I have a tumblr by the way:
I'm updating it every time I complete a set of pictures so there's not a whole lot there right now but I've got a bunch on almost-complete sets on the way ;)

and I have a website:
which so far just has my favourite shots and very little else but I'm going to make it more official-looking soon :P
Tags: sytycd
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