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noughties spam part 7: websites

the internet was obviously one of the larger things to really take off during the noughties and here are a few sites that personally were a large part of my life throughout that time. Clicking on the website name will take you to the site by the way :D


What's to say? It's an unkillable tamagochi crossed with an arcade - every twelve-year-old's fantasy game! Who hasn't gotten shamelessly hooked on this at one time or another :P

buffy forums

Right after discovering my first true fandom, this was the community that accepted me and allowed me to vent out all of the obsessions pent up inside and was what originally sparked my love for fanart. The wallpaper-making community there is (or was, I can't say I've been there recently) unlike any other


Owned by Jenni Lou, a buffyforums member, this is the ultimate high quality tv-show promotional image/screencap archive, I have no idea how she finds half of the things she does.

Jane Espenson's Blog

Straight up, this woman is a genius. Her blog is full of countless writing (and general life) tips coming from somebody who really knows her craft. The blog has entirely changed the way I percieve the world; every post is worth reading.


Continuing the thread of fanart, this was the community that got me really addicted to icons. With all of the best makers participating there for a while there it really was an iconning renaissance and really inspired me to be the best I could be.

model hommes

After watching ANTM, I was curious about what the real world of fashion was like and this was the first place I turned. There's something incredibly freeing in carelessly roaming faces in search for your ideal genetic makeup


Again, curious about the world of fashin I discovered this community and was drawn in by their unusual attitudes and unique interpretation on the English language and haven't since been able to escape.

sweet station

It's pretty much an online art gallery. The creativity of the people posted there consistantly amazes me, so much so that when I go to physical galleries I'm disappointed by the quality.

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