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new years post

1. Okay so wow, talk about the longest death scene of all time. Good lord RTD, that went on for a good fifteen minutes! Honestly, it was just another one of his episodes full of complete gibberish to add to the pile but I'm so glad we're one step closer to 11/Moffat because after rewatching Coupling recently (and this) I'm more convinced than ever that it's going to be amazing.

2. So New Years was a bit interesting, I got very drunk. Not being able to stand up without assistance, vomit all over the place, grabbing people inappropraitely drunk to be specific. (Not loud though, mind you. And I was aware at the time that I was being obnoxious so I was also unusually curteous :P)

I haven't ever really been like that before and for a while I've wanted to have a not-remembering-anything-going-completely-out-of-control experience and my New Years resolution was to get out more and I'm a believer in the fact that what you're doing at the turn of the new year is what you're going to be doing for the rest of the year so it seemed rather appropriate.

Although I'm somewhat concerned by my inability to remember anything for most of the night. I mean, the lack of memory loss by itself is fine, but I have a few clues that some not-so-awesome stuff happened and it I don't like not knowing what exactly they were. Also unfortunately for me the memory of vomiting is proving very difficult to shake

3. why not check out my favourite icons this year at iconwhoa? There were some amazing ones!

4. I'm about 70% finished on a post with a rundown of all the best things from the noughties that's got a few gifs in it (representing amazing scenes of tv this past decade) so look out for that! But until then, here are a few other ones I've made recently:


This is the last photo I took in 2009 and I'll tell ya what, I couldn't be happier. Lord knows it could be better but I think it's my strongest so far and it's pretty much exactly the kind of photo I want to take. Actually lately I've been putting photos I wish I'd taken into a folder and browsing it in my spare time and I think the brilliance of those photos is rubbing off on me! Check out these three LotS caps (all in that magical folder) and look at how weirdly similar style-wise they are to what I took - completely unintentional!

Anyway, I'm really glad to have ended the year on a high. And it has been a fantastic year (well, for me at least. And from the sounds of things I'm the only one who liked it :P) I've been focusing a lot more on graphics and I feel like I've reached a whole other level because of that. Speaking of which, another resolution of mine is to continue doing the a graphic per day thing because I think that's really helped me, I can't recommend doing it enough!
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