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1. Before I say anything else I just want you all to know that I thought I'd sent gifty cookies to all of you, but then they took them away and I realised they hadn't sent properly! So add my one onto your accumulative tally because swear I didn't forget you! I know that whenever somebody says something like this I assume that they're not talking about me, but YOU, reading this right now, you were remembered!


2. meme stolen from schmiss
1. Put your media player of choice on shuffle.
2. List the first fifteen songs that come up and add "in my pants" to the end.
3. Bold the ones that actually made you LOL.

1 - Wally Crying In My Pants
2 - Zero To Hero In My Pants
3 - So Much Life In My Pants
4 - Say A Little Prayer In My Pants
5 - Slipping In My Pants
6 - Rollercoaster Of Death In My Pants
7 - I Kissed A Girl In My Pants
8 - Among The Ruins In My Pants
9 - Zoe's Avatar In My Pants
10- Richard's Threat In My Pants
11- The Doctor's Theme In My Pants
12- Remains Of The Day In My Pants
13- Goodbye Baby In My Pants
14- My Life Would Suck Without You In My Pants
15- Derek's Mission In My Pants

3. meme instructions: Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair - just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editing. Post these instructions with the picture. (just to clarify I took this photo the minute I saw iladora do the meme (even though that was days ago :P) and I've edited the colours but I haven't done any cloning/liquifying/etc so it still counts ;))


Some were made via photographic means (hence the obscene largeness) and some were made with Corel Painter 11 (which I've been experimenting with these past few days for the latest theskilltester challenge)


how would you like textures to be delivered from now on? (feel free to pick several)

large images in a .zip/.rar
large images individually uploaded to photobucket/imagevenue
medium-sized images in a .zip/.rar
medium-sized individually uploaded to photobucket/imagevenue
medium-sized images cropped to show of the assets of the texture in a .zip/.rar
medium-sized images cropped to show of the assets of the texture uploaded individually to photobucket/imagevenue
icon-sized images in a .zip/.rar
icon-sized images uploaded individually to photobucket/imagevenue
I don't care in the slightest

Tags: iladora, me, meme, photography, poll, schmiss, textures, theskilltester

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