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only three more weeks and I will be half-way through the photography course!

1. I've been rewatching it and decided that everybody should go and get a copy of We Can Be Heroes right now (GO! HURRY!). It's essentially the Ausrtalian version of the Office season 2; very cute, eerily realistic but with a hint of crazy. The characters are delightfully well-rounded considering how many there are and that it got a six episode span total. But seriously, if you want to know what it's like to live in Australia just watch that. I mean, It's not like that for me personally because I live on the internet, but you get what I mean :P

I suspect that Chris Lilley didn't have as much creative input (or was perhaps given too much) for Summer Heights High, because I think quality-wise it's a SIGNIFICANTLY worse show. It's fun, but it misses a lot of the depth that We Can Be Heroes had. I'm excited for his new show with the American funding though :D

2. Community is kind of rocking my comedy world at the moment! Every week is really hitting it out of the park and despite having about four seasons less episodes, it's already above How I Met Your Mother and American Dad. Bravo Joel McHale! I am now a fan (he's also really funny on The Soup).

3. So I've slept about eight hours in the past four days and it's kind of working for me! I'm getting a lot more done and I suspect it's because I'm too tired to care about what people think of me but I've started being able to function like a normal human being in conversations and not like a weirdo robot person! :D
And see, I probably would keep it up, but I kind of worry I'm going to kill a whole bunch of people in a car accident falling asleep at the wheel.

4. let me know if these don't show up by the way, I'm using tinypic these days (because photobucket is being weird) and I don't really trust it :/

a continuation of my attempt last post to make a Sean Opry icon using that picture. I thought I'd go wild with textures, because usually that works for me, but I... don't know what I was thinking :P

I tried switching up the cap, but I didn't want to tarnish the amazing photo with textures so it's just come off as boring. Nice, but boring.

tried to give the original image more of that good ol' blueymcphluey charm. It's definitely the best version of this cap I'd done, but as a whole it's still terrible.

I really like this, the sultry mood the darkness brings out in his face is brilliant, however the colours are incredibly average and I feel it's lacking texture.

FINALLY! Thankyou theskilltester challenge, for pushing me to create what has been called in the last few days: "kind of the most awesome thing I've ever seen.", "Best icon I've seen in a long long time" and "the best icon I've seen all year" (lol, thanks for feeding my ego guys, that's just what I need XD)
To be honest, I don't think it's that great (certainly not my best all year. My cesar and natalia icons were better, I thought) but it's SIGNIFICANTLY better than the other garbage in this post. I'm a bit put off by how deathly hollow the textures I've use make his cheeks look, but I also love the depth, colour and shapes they bring into the picture. Now all of that being said, I think it's another one of my top 25.

trying to recapture the texture magic of e, but in a flight of the conchords setting? Didn't quite work... My main problem is the choice of colours I've used together, which is weird because I think I usually have a pretty good eye for that kind of thing :/

5. disclaimer: many of these photos were taken against my will. They were for assignments, I swear! I don't want to take pictures of food and buildings! I don't!

Tags: flight of the conchords, icons, photography, school, sean opry, sleep, summer heights high, the office, theskilltester, we can be heroes
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