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"and there ain't nothin' I can do about it!"

1. I can't believe it Joss is going to direct an episode of Glee and he said he's been watching every episode multiple times. I kind of feel like he's blessing Glee for me :P I've obsessed with the Jossverse for so long and now it's time for the reign of Glee.

2. Post a picture in my comments that you think describes me when you think about what/who I am. No matter how surreal or plain. Give no written explanation. Just an image.


oh lord this is dull. I think I just added some contrast to the original picture, so... not my best.

I love that this looks like an ink blot painting thing. I love the colours and patterns in the background. I love that I've made a very common cap (it was from the hottub scene) into something that's me. My main problem with it is the lack of emotion in the original cap :/

I think this is an amazingly dull icon, but I love the way this colouring makes black and white images look.

I think the textures are overpowering the brilliance of the original image

I like it but I don't feel like there is enough depth to it. Everything is feeling rather flat to me. I'm definitely going to try and have another crack at this.

another variation on colouring a black and white image. As a whole it seems a bit generic, but I'm crazy about the light texture in the top right hand corner.

a combination of the two icons I'd made last time I'd posted icons. I definitely think this is better than both of them separately.

made for the gradient challenge at theskilltester, oh my god that challenge was hard. But it was a good kind of hard, the kind that makes me want to attempt using gradients a lot more. I really like the red on the right and I think the cyan is WAY too overpowering.

I'm in love with this. It's the perfect photo of Natalia and the colouring is something that I wouldn't do normally but was forced into by the opacity theskilltester challenge. I love the multiply texture and the depth that it gives to the icon. And I really like the blues on the back of Natalia's head. The crop is spot on for me and my style and it's definitely one that would go into 'my top 25 ever' list if I were to do that again.


take me and my opinions out of the question,do you think it would be a good idea for me to make a graphics community? would it make your life any easier? do you think it might make my life easier? do you think it would provide anything useful to the world at all?

nah, it'd be a waste of time. If anybody really wanted to look at your graphics they can come to your personal journal like the rest of us
yeah! Everybody else has one for a reason, you know. They're so much easier

5. I haven't posted any pictures of myself in a while and the old ones don't even look like me anymore

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