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1. Funnily enough, unlike usual when I don't post because stuff hasn't been happening, I haven't been posting recently because too much stuff has been happening! And this is despite the fact that I've only got two shows per week now (SYTYCD and Burn Notice) and we're on holidays for three weeks. I've just done a crazy gigantic clean of both of our houses and had a five-hour drama in regards to my brothers appendix and I'm completely exhausted.

2. Check it out you guys, I'm a prophet and I didn't even know it!
No, seriously, I'd like to say I'm with everybody with the grieving and the angst (angst is my favourite emotion afterall. Check out my icons if you don't believe me) but really I've never known any of his songs. I've never known anything of his dance. Up until now all I've known about him are the negative chiches and while I didn't take any of them seriously, they're definitely not enough to make me get up off of my couch and weep.


i) I've had this as my desktop for the past month or so and I've come to the conclusion that I really really like the top half, but I don't like the bottom. The colours and textures up the top epitomise the aesthetic I aim to create, but the bottom just looks sloppy. Although in my defense the original photo was black and white and Taylor was wearing pure white pants on a pure white background :P

ii) Interestingly enough I've come to a similar conclusion with this wallpaper. I really really love the colours and effects on the right hand side but am completely bored by the left half :P
I made this for theskilltester and it shocked the hell out of me. I wasn't aiming for anything like this at all, but all of the colours just happened accidentally, it was incredibly awesome to experience


a) Photobucket Clearly a crop from wallpaper ii, but I don't think this works quite as well so small. It's my favourite segment of the wallpaper but something just isn't translating. I think it's interesting how that can happen.

b) Photobucket I like this slightly more than a

c) Photobucket made with everyline at theskilltester and while there are a few moves I wish she hadn't made, overall I'm very content with this.

d) Photobucket made with motorized at theskilltester and to be completely honest I don't like this at all. Doing a collaborative erasing challenge was really difficult and not recommended for anyone.

e) Photobucket a remake of the very "cool" request icon cool_rush made for me. I love that it epitemises all of the things I loved about Veronica Mars (the drama, the relationships, the subtle yet in-your-face beauty of Kristen Bell) but there's something about it that doesn't work for me. I think that if it were in a lineup it wouldn't stand out, the tones are all too even overall. Maybe :P

f) Photobucket The colouring of this reminds me a lot of this, which is fantastic because if there were any colourscheme I'd like as my signature, it's that one. Overall I'm not too invested in the cap and the texture in the background is too obvious that it was drawn in, but the colouring makes up for it I think :D

g) Photobucket made for icon_crack and I really like it. It seems like everybody else likes it more than me (I got second place! YAY! I think that's the first time I've placed anything there) because I'm just so distracted by the ugly textures in the bottom left hand corner, but again, this is definitely a colourcheme I'd like to be associated with :D

5. Surprise! We've spontaneously decided to go on a holiday to New York for a week at the end of September! At first I was nonplussed because I figured a city's a city and I can drive to one in fifteen minutes if I want to. However then I remembered that New York is the fashion capital of the world and I could potentially bump into my favourite models! Or my favourite actors! Actually the whole world I'm obsessed with is based in New York so I've decided to use this week-long trip to decide whether or not I want to move there once I've finished with my photography course and live there forever. :D
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