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1. okay, I really need to remember to post more often because I build up more and more things to say and then the list gets so long I don't want to post. Damn vicious circles!
Now just to clarify something from last post, I was excited because I'd gotten back into Bond music, that's not James Bond, that was Bond Bond :P

2. I went for my first unassisted drive the other day on my P's. I'd been having a sucky day because of theskilltester and parental dramas so I don't think I was driving the safest I ever have :P It was really weird because all of a sudden I couldn't remember any of the road rules I'd learnt over the past year because apparently I rely on the registered driver sitting next to more more than I thought. However despite my rage and confusion it was actually kind of fun. I just went down to the beach and took some terrible photos for a tafe assignment :P

3. this amazingly coloured picspam has inspired me that it in fact is possible to do a large, well coloured picspam :D

And speaking of picspams, don't forget to check out this incredibly sexy picspam made specifically for me by gigglemonster :DD ♥

4. theskilltester isn't getting loads of entries (a few, but not nearly as many as challenge #1), but that's fine with me because it's inspiring me to try exciting new things. At the moment I feel like if people aren't entering, they're the ones missing out because I honestly think I'm producing some of my best work because of it :D

There were a few accusations of me cheating this week, which left me in a somewhat sour mood. I don't want to go into details because I don't want details to be remembered by me years in the future when I'm re-reading this, but basically I had incredibly few happy thoughts for approximately 2 days this week.

5. I've been somewhat interested in design and stuff over this past week because I accidentally discovered dustbowl

a three-player chess board
pen lid cutlery
awesome cabinet thing
ball-bearing-ified table
warped drawers
metal drawers
also I've decided that when I have my own house I don't want matching plates :D

6. It's easter Sunday today! YAY! And... I'm sick :/
We had a family picnic lunch thing today, which was incredibly boring but I'm glad it was because it forced me to take some fun photos to amuse myself. There was a very large ant stealing a piece of cheese from us that I tried to take a photo of, but they were mostly blurry because ants are rediculously quick. However I did manage to make this video of it being surprisingly adorable considering it's an ant

7. I finally figured out the hairstyle I'm always subconciously trying to recreate. It's this!
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