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I get the feeling nobody's gonna do this, but I figured I'd at give you all the option ;)

2. oh my god, the latest episode of ANTM was so good! I only just finished it and yeah, you can consider my mind officially blown. I can't believe more people don't watch this show!

3. Lots of stuff has been going on lately in my world, but it doesn't really feel notable/interesting enough to be mentioned here. A part of me says 'post it, this journal is about recording your life and you don't need be be upbeat and interesting all the time' but another part says 'don't post it because you don't like to be boring'. So for now I'm just resulting in mentioning my dilemma rather than the actual events which does seem kind of counter-productive but whatever, it's happening :P

4. Check this out if you haven't seen Buffy or need a reason to rewatch it :D

5. I'm not in a morbid mood, this was just a random thing I was curious about the other day :P

how do you think you're going to die?

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