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22 March 2009 @ 12:24 am
a. I’ll respond with something random about you.
b. I’ll challenge you to do/try something.
c. I’ll pick a color that I associate with you.
d. I’ll tell you something I like about you.
e. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of.
f. I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you.
g. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

2. My current favourites on antm: Teyona (who I predict will win), Fo and Celia. It turns out I'm really liking this cycle. Like cycle 11 I finally think Tyra is eliminating the right girls week after week :D

3. The BSG finale was fantastic. I don't really know what I can say that hasn't already been said, but I've been able to think of little else since I watched it this afternoon.


a) Photobucket blech, too... something

b) Photobucket I was aiming for neversleeps, but I got boring :(

c) Photobucket the terribleness of this knows no bounds. And just when I thought I'd made friends with saturation, too :(

d) Photobucket LOVE IT! Natalia is amazing and the colouring just blows my mind. Can you tell that this picture was originally black and white? I can't and I made it! :DD Also the shiny glass repeated image thing is rocking my world at the moment.


i) I love the smoky bit in the bottom right hand corner, but the left bit bugs me and I'm not sure how to fix it :/ but Sam and Stam are always ♥

ii) made for the first theskilltester challenge. I like it, I don't love it. It's a tad too simple, but I'm not sure how I should fix that using only curves. I'm not going to enter it because it's not as good as my previous submission :(

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
last picspam
Current Mood: shockedshocked
Currently Watching: Veronica Mars - 2x22 - Not Pictured
Dana: Dollhouse > Caroline/Echoletsey_x on March 21st, 2009 04:59 pm (UTC)
I've seen you use icon d and I love it and NO you can not tell it was a b/w picture. that's amazing.

also: pretty pictures of people I don't know, as usual;) I do know Eliza!
Josh: fashion ; vodianovablueymcphluey on March 21st, 2009 05:16 pm (UTC)
aren't they fantastic? I really don't know why more people don't have an interest in models ;)

Edited at 2009-03-21 05:40 pm (UTC)
Josh: dollhouseblueymcphluey on March 22nd, 2009 05:26 am (UTC)
a. I want you to icon more scenes/shows/characters I'm interested in because that's the only reason I don't use any of your icons (and why I'm so excited about the requests :P) Obviously I don't expect you to change, but it's a randomly true fact.
b. I challenge you to make a sexy Matthew Bomer icon from Tru Calling (and if you haven't seen Tru Calling then I also challenge you to watch it)
c. Cyan. Because even though you haven't really made an icon like this in ages I'm stuck in the mindset that letsey_x = this
d. I like that as I get to know you better I like what I'm finding.
e. tiger
f. Are you aware that you're massively popular? everybody and their cousin has a letsey_x icon and you get hundreds of comments per post and you're mentioned near-daily at icon_praise, but does this go unnoticed? Do you just think that this is what happens to everyone?

Edited at 2009-03-22 05:58 am (UTC)
Dana: Chuck > kissesletsey_x on March 22nd, 2009 09:54 am (UTC)
haha no I didn't ask for the meme because I don't have the time to post in my journal and respond to the comments, but thanks for doing it;)

a. lol well make a list of favorite scenes/characters and I'll see if I can find something we have in common that I want to make lots of icons from.
b. apparently Matthew Bomer is Bryce from Chuck, who is also very sexy. Will Bryce do instead? :d He wears pretty tuxes...
c. aww that's one of the my oldest icons that I still like. Though I remember I used to make EVERY icon with that exact background. how original :d
d. aww* hugs*
e. not something I'd associate myself with :d 'cause I'm not agressive AT ALL. I flee from competition.
f. it does not go unnoticed, but I really don't know what to make of it. I really do make icons because I like doing it, and I'm glad others like them as well and I'm grateful for all the praise. But for some reason I've always had that, long before I made what I think of as my really good icon post now. So I don't really get why it's happening to me and not some others that I feel deserve it more:)
Josh: buffyblueymcphluey on March 22nd, 2009 10:24 am (UTC)
ah, that's such a stupid rule I don't even know why I included it *strikes it out*

a) coming right up ;)
b) yeah, he's alright on Chuck, but you don't know dazzling until you've seen Matthew Bomer in action on Tru Calling. And Eliza Dushku! And that guy who plays Eliza's brother! *faints* Okay, forget the iconning thing, my new challenge is that you watch this incredibly sexy (and cleverly written) show
e) hehe, tigers don't have to be agressive :P
f) I think it's because you've always made the icon more than the cap was worth. I don't know if that makes sense, but because of the light smudges and the various other effects the final icon looks exponentially better than the original. Whereas lots of other people end up with an icon that's basically just replicating the original picture? That doesn't make any sense... :/ nevermind

meme me if you're not gonna put it in your journal please? :D

edit: just so you know I haven't forgotten what you/I said in a), I'm just taking my time because I'm going to make a big picspam for it ;)

Edited at 2009-03-26 12:48 pm (UTC)
lice on March 21st, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC)
i also think teyona is going to win. i knew right away it was going to be her or nijah but she just got the boot so it's her for sure. why haven't you made any icons from this cycle yet??
Josh: antmblueymcphluey on March 22nd, 2009 05:31 am (UTC)
I only make icons when I need them and I would rather just use my Anya icon because she's a thousand times more awesome than all of these guys. Do you have someone/something you want me to icon for ya? :P

did you want me to do 1.?
lice on March 22nd, 2009 05:41 pm (UTC)
i don't really like any of the photoshoots yet but i like allison and teyona

yes i forgot to ask you to do the meme
Joshblueymcphluey on March 23rd, 2009 01:29 pm (UTC)
a. something random about you: you've either got me blocked on msn or you never go on :P
b. I challenge you to watch the first season of Lost
c. red
d. I like that you like models/fashion/antm
e. a penguin
f. Is English your first language?

edit: whatcha think? :D

Edited at 2009-03-23 01:44 pm (UTC)
lice on March 24th, 2009 03:50 pm (UTC)
i kept trying to IM you on msn the first few days i added you but you were always away!! so i never sign on anyways cause none of my american friends don't.
and yes english is my first langauge but i also speak spanish fluently. i have never seen lost but it looks really complicated and ridiculous now.
Michelle.flatlined on March 21st, 2009 07:24 pm (UTC)
they're all such gorgeous photos butthis one is my favorite :)
Josh: t:tsccblueymcphluey on March 22nd, 2009 05:44 am (UTC)
a. I want you to put numbers next to your icons in iconposts so it's easier for me to single out the ones I like for you :P
b. I challenge you to make some pretty Veronica Mars icons (for me :P)
c. red
d. I really really like that when I did that poll ages ago you were one of very few that knew who Sean O'Pry was :P
e. a meercat
f. What are your top 25 shows of all time? At any given point you only seem to have one on your radar (it was Prison Break when I friended you and now it's T:TSCC because PB is coming to an end I presume) and I'm sure that's not the case and you watch loads of shows that go unmentioned but you still love.
Michelle.: terminatorflatlined on March 22nd, 2009 08:22 am (UTC)
f. I will make that list and I'll post it in my journal because no one really knows and I really really like making lists.
jessiieeeeeeiladora on March 22nd, 2009 06:29 am (UTC)
1. ooh me please :D
3. I've entered into the depression after fandom is over scene. (this also happened after hp. trufax)
4(b) neversleeps is AWESOME. So hard to get something so awsome. :(
5(ii) is so cool. If I knew who that was, it'd be my backgroud. *sigh* I love your colourings. :D
I think this one's feet look photoshopped:
Josh: dollhouseblueymcphluey on March 22nd, 2009 07:54 am (UTC)
ii) you must watch ANTM!

a. You already know this, but your sister is on lj! That's very random.
b. I challenge you to watch all of Buffy
c. dark blue
d. I like that you are/appear to be passionate about icons.
e. a labrador
f. what are 5 tv shows you tried to watch, but just couldn't stand?
jessiieeeeeeiladora on March 22nd, 2009 11:39 am (UTC)
ii) haha, maybe. I can't stand reality tv most of the time :P too much padding out to make it last ages! I wish 'so you think you can dance' was 20 minutes of dancing.

a. yes. I converted her to icons and lj a few years ago. Which means that I've been making icons for about FOUR YEARS. (on and off)
b. I'll try :D
c. would that be navy or a more saturated blue :P
d. :D I love them, it's the only creative thing I do :( :( :(
e. lol, random.
f. oh, well.
I tried to watch Red Dwarf because I read the books and loved them.
I don't start a lot of tv. It is rare that a tv series disappoints me. I started to watch heroes, and finished season 1. I didn't plan to watch more because I heard it was bad. I did like season one, though.
My problem lies in the fact that I forget when things start and miss them week after week until it's too late. I reallllyyy wanted to watch Mad Men, but I know it started on SBS last month. I'm watching the X files at the moment, can't get into it I'm still watching, though. I very rarely can't stand a show, I'll just not care if I miss it. Nothing really comes to mind, anyway :P

Stephharbourlight on March 22nd, 2009 07:18 am (UTC)
I love d :) It's so pretty.

And if you aren't going to enter ii then you should go to town with some stocks or something. Finish it off however you want. It definitely looks like it has potential.
Josh: charmedblueymcphluey on March 22nd, 2009 08:07 am (UTC)
thankyou, and that is a very good idea!

a. hmm... something random... you're watching Veronica Mars at the same time as me. And we were watching Charmed and Alias at the same time. We're psychically connected or something! What are we gonna watch next?
b. I challenge you to enter at theskilltester
c. orange
d. I like that you say shiny
e. a fluffy cat.
f. why don't you have msn automatically sign you in when the computer is turned on?

Edited at 2009-03-22 08:08 am (UTC)
Steph: celeb: evie purple dressharbourlight on March 22nd, 2009 11:33 am (UTC)
a. Finished Veronica Mars a couple of weeks ago actually. I've only got the first 2 seasons on DVD. I just ordered season 3 though so I'll finish that when it gets here.

Since then I've watched the first 2 seasons of Supernatural and now I'm starting on Roswell.

b. I made some stuff but nothing I like enough to enter. But you made me open up photoshop and try so isn't that the whole point :P

c. Really? Why? :P I've never obsessed over orange or made much of anything in that color.

d. I think that's from watching Firefly. But I don't really use it in general just when describing shiny objects.

e. Hmm? I don't think there are many people that would agree with that :P

f. Because being that accessible 24/7 scares the crap out of me..
Steph: celeb: dancerharbourlight on March 24th, 2009 10:34 am (UTC)
Hey. I was wondering if you could do me a favor (if you have time). I'm thinking about getting some new eyeglasses and since you always seem so interested in the sunnies I buy I was hoping you could give me a couple of recommendations? I haven't really looked properly yet so I'm not sure what's out there.

Or could you just link me to the website where you found yours?

Thank-you :D
Josh: flight of the conchordsblueymcphluey on March 24th, 2009 11:26 am (UTC)
hmm... well when I got mine I just went into OPSM and tried on every pair I could get my hands on. I did have a little bit of an idea of what I wanted just because I'd browsed the OPSM site earlier and- this is a little embarassing to admit but I've got a folder on my desktop and any time I see a picture of someone wearing something I think is cool or has a hairstyle I think would be good for me I put that picture in there. So when I did my browsing I had a rough idea of what style I was after.

So I guess what I'm saying is to check out the website of wherever you're getting the glasses and then browse through any photo gallery you can get your hands on and see if any glasses pop out for you. :D

I really hope that's what you meant :P
Steph: sg1: vala close upharbourlight on March 24th, 2009 12:28 pm (UTC)
Oh well I don't really know where I'll get them from. But I'll have a look at the OPSM website.

I just thought you might have come across some really pretty ones in your searches or something :P
Josh: fashion ; vodianovablueymcphluey on March 24th, 2009 12:29 pm (UTC)
I'll do a quick search and see if I come up with anything ;)


Edited at 2009-03-24 12:37 pm (UTC)