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1. I've been rewatching Veronica Mars and I'll tell you what, it's so much better than I remember it being! Although to be fair, it was the first show I ever downloaded and the program I used then had no guarantee the episodes would download chronologically and I watched the whole season out of order :P
I've decided I love all of the characters (except Logan and Duncan) and the season 1 finale is one of the greatest thing of all time.

2. icons!

a) Photobucket I really like this. Kristen Bell is so pretty it wasn't hard to find a decent cap of her so I tried to find one that I could utilise in a non-center crop because my ratio of center-cropped:non-center-cropped icons is disturbing :/ I really like that I added the 'r' segment on the right because I think it makes it fit in really well with my layout :D

b) Photobucket I love this. I've never seen an icon like this before (this style has been in pictures but not icons so that still counts ;) ) and I think that's really exciting. The red and black against the white is really intense and I love that :D

c) Photobucket So BORING

d) Photobucket I love the light coming from the top and bottom but the colouring concerns me slightly

e) Photobucket The colouring is awesome, but the background is just too simple for my likings.

f) Photobucket I liked this before, but I'm not so sure now. It's just so weird :/

g) Photobucket I love it. My favourite part is how the gradient of the sky in the background is the same as the gradient on her face :D Also check it out, I've got some uneven bordering going on there! I never do that! Yay! :P

h) Photobucket eh. Too weird :/

i) Photobucket :/

j) Photobucket disgusting :/

3. Remember what I said a few posts back about how I stopped working at the bakery for a bit? Well I'm back now! ... I think :/

4. I loved Dollhouse this week and from now on I am going to take it upon myself to use the term 'man reaction' as much as possible XD

5. Last Thursday my computer decided to go through that time of the month. You know, that time when the computer suddenly decides to go insane and every program breaks and nothing works for a few days. You know that thing, right? That doesn't just happen to me?
Well, luckily everything is all fixed now except for PowerDVD, but it turns out it was all for the best because it forced me to research media players and I discovered GOM! Here, let me tell you all of the great features that GOM has in list form:
-you can adjust the saturation/contrast/brightness/hue/etc of the video as it's playing!
-you can tell it to be on top of all windows, except for when it's paused (very useful for switching between watching and browsing :D)
-shortcut keys are surprisingly easy to assign
-you can add a whole folder to the playlist and modify from there
-if you want you can have several GOMs open at the same time :D

And the GOM cons:
-the logo is ugly

6. You guys like clothes on guys, right? I'm going clothes shopping tomorrow because being at TAFE has made me to realise that I have disturbingly few shirts that are suitable for wearing outside of the house and ONE pair of pants total :/
So tell me (with pictures), what kinds of clothes do you like to see on guys?
Tags: antm, bsg, buffy, dollhouse, flight of the conchords, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, icons, purchases, veronica mars, work
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