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04 March 2009 @ 11:21 pm
1. As you're about to see I'm really really bored and despite having hundreds of people/communities friended, my flist is snailing along like you wouln't believe. Also all of a sudden Gilmore Girls isn't filling me with glee :/

2. Google has been really weird for me this past month or so. Every time I click on one of the links it sends me to a random page and then when I click on the link again it takes me where I wanted to go

is google being weird for you, too?


3. I'm making a graphics challenge community: theskilltester. Check out the profile for details. I'm really excited about it, I stayed up all night a few days ago thinking of ideas for challenges and so far I've got about 50 :P
I'm a tad worried nobody is going to enter just like getcreative, but not too much because the challenges are REALLY inspiring and if I just read through them whenever I'm feeling particularly uncreative I doubt I'll ever get in an arting rut again :P

4. I've been watching more of Charmed season 5 and I'm concerned with how much I'm in love with Paige. She always looks so perfect and spiffy with her pants and her fashioney frilly shirts! And don't get me started on her lips. Oh and her voice and legs! I don't even like legs, that's how awesome they are! I mean, I like them on humans, but-- ugh, I'm describing her terribly. Just let the record show that I'm currently madly in love :P

5. I was given member challenge at iconplay. It's a challenge I've wanted to do for a while. I get the feeling the same people are going to win that always win, but I'm still interested in seeing how it plays out :D

i ship it // my thread
Current Mood: quixoticbored/quixotic
Currently Watching: Gilmore Girls - 3x08 - Let The Games Begin
Steph: charmed: witch hourharbourlight on March 4th, 2009 02:52 pm (UTC)
Hey. Just thought I would let you know that I'm actually on msn right now :P I finally found some free time at 1 in the morning. Yay. So for once you are the one that isn't around. *wins*

1. My f-list has been moving very slowly this week as well. Weird. Not that I mind. Less things to comment on means less work for me.

2. Nope. Haven't had this problem. I use google like a bajillion times a day without even realizing it so I don't remember anyway. But if it started sending me to random websites I probably would have taken note of that.

3. I love the sound of it so far. 2 things after reading through the profile. The link to megaupload is wrong. You have to make sure you start it with 'http://www.' otherwise it just gets tacked on the end of the livejournal url.

And this paragraph just confused me a bit:

Member of the Month is awarded when somebody wins first place in 5 (and then 10, 15, 20 etc) challenges. However for every time that person wins motm they get one point deducted from the voting every challenge after that (or two points if they've been motm twice, three if they've had it thrice, etc) so that way the same person doesn't win every challenge and it will encourage that talented/popular person to try even harder.

Maybe a rewrite? (What if somebody wins their 5th challenge a week after someone else? Are they both 'Members of the Month'?)

And I would love to hear about these 50 challenges you've already come up with :)

6. Good luck with that!

7. I'm sure you'll bug me for not bothering to do this, but :P
Josh: charmedblueymcphluey on March 5th, 2009 01:05 am (UTC)
lol, we need to schedule an appointment :P How does 11:00 tonight sound?

3. so was that the only thing that confused you about that paragraph because yes, that is exactly what would happen :P
hmm... perhaps the title of 'member of the month' needs a rewrite

6. (:O there was no 7! What are you replying to! :P) yeah, I figured nobody would do it, it's a pretty weird meme thing but I can't emphasise enough just how bored I really was last night.
Stephharbourlight on March 5th, 2009 03:32 am (UTC)
Well that's what happens at one in the moring :P Your brains plays tricks on you and you start seeing numbers that aren't there.

Yeah that was mostly it. It just took me a little while to figure out what you were trying to say.

Hmmm 11? Lets see *gets out planner*. I finish work early today so I should be free by then :)
Anna: the shining → more boobiesshoqolad on March 4th, 2009 09:32 pm (UTC)
And just today Gilmore Girls all of a sudden somehow started filling me with glee... Weird.

Anyway, so this community... can I join? It sounds quite amazing. And I have never heard of getcreative. I miss all the good stuff, apparently.
Josh: gilmore girlsblueymcphluey on March 5th, 2009 01:10 am (UTC)
hehe, that's the thing. Usually it cheers me up like nothing else ever has or ever will, but yesterday... nothing. :P

You absolutely can!

basically getcreative was a graphics challenge community I made about a year ago that I was also really excited about, but that crashed and burned within seconds of creation. It recieved no entries... at all. Although to be fair, I don't blame anybody it was completely my fault. The premise of the community was me giving people to make stuff out of and I've found that usually people don't like to be told what to make things out of. Also I'm thinking it probably didn't help that I didn't advertise it anywhere other than on my personal journal :/
Anna: wanted → everything i told you was a lieshoqolad on March 5th, 2009 06:55 pm (UTC)
Gilmore Girls is my new happy place. Probably only because I'm dying from boredom and because I left all my TV shows at my place and have nothing else to watch besides Twilight or The OC. But aww, I'm really starting to love that show... only, like, 7 years after it was canceled :/

Anyway, I will definitely try to get some people to join theskilltester :)
And, actually, I really like to be told what to do... it (as in life in general) involves less brain activity for me that way... and that's a good thing.
lice on March 4th, 2009 10:12 pm (UTC)
2. sounds like spyware
Josh: fashion ; o'pryblueymcphluey on March 5th, 2009 01:10 am (UTC)
uh oh :/
jessiieeeeeeiladora on March 4th, 2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
1. I GET THIS TOO! For a few hours at night, when I WANT to lj, no friend entries come up :( I reckon America is at work/asleep during this time. *sigh*
2. I googled "google is being weird". It works for me, maybe you have some kind of virus?
3. wooo! I say pimp it out everywhere, and post the challenge :) I'm more likely to join a comm if it's got a challenge up already :D
Josh: bsgblueymcphluey on March 5th, 2009 01:15 am (UTC)
3. yeah, I just need to iron out a few things (and pimp like crazy) and then hopefully it will be up and running within a week :D

Although here's an exclusive sneak preview: for the first challenge, the only layers you're allowed to use other than your base image are curves layers. You're allowed to mask the curve layers and set them to different blending modes, but the only layer that shouldn't be curves is the the base :P
oh, and remember to keep your .psd! :D