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1. I have to make a Facebook account for school so that we can be sent messages about the course and stuff. It's stupid, but long story short I now have a Facebook account and I want you to add me because I'm all friendless and lonely. link

2. I was woken up this morning by the neighbour's crying children and I know this sounds like a psychopath, but it was like music to my ears. Something about the bawling of infants at 8:30 in the morning was surprisingly pleasant. Later they cheered up and started laughing; that was just horrible.

3. I'm getting a phone, but I don't know what I need from one or what to prioritise :(
I mean I know I want it to be under $40/month, but I don't really call or send texts much and I don't know if I'd use the internet if I had it, or since I want pretty much nothing from it whether I should be prioritising shinyness. But also I want to not carry around an mp3 AND a phone so it would be good if it could double as both... I need help! Make decisions for me!

4. *jaw hits floor*


what should I be looking for in a phone?

get a blackberry so you can talk to me on MSN all the time
get something shiny because you're not going to use it for much
get one with a standard headphone jack so you can make it double as an mp3
get an iphone. they're expensive but they're aweome
I have something else to say I shall tell you in the comments

has your response to the celebrity obsession question last poll changed at all since you filled that out? If so, who are you obsessing over now?

if you life was a tv series, what would it be? feel free to specify (a) season(s) or mix shows if you want

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