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1. episode three

-How would a cartogrpher stay in business? Wouldn't people just buy one map and then no others for the rest of their lives? And I wouldn't think they'd be that expensive

-Oh how much I love these characters. I love how powerful they all are, more and more so every second it seems. And it's great because they all have very different powers. Come to think of it, it's somewhat Charmed-like in that sense. I'd really like to see Kahlan do her fun possessing thing more often

-This show seems very logical and the writers actually seem to be thinking a lot about what they're doing, which impresses me. And there are lots of plot twists, which I like too. Although I wish the characters would speak more modernly, I get annoyed when the characters say things like 'wench' and 'quill' because I just want to shout at them "JUST INVENT COMPUTERS ALREADY!" ... but that's just me :P

-I could not love the slowmotion action sequences any more and I shall expect this standard of awesome fight scenes from every other show from now on. They remind me a lot of Kung Fu Panda, if anybody actually listened to me and watched it

-There's something everything about this visualisation I really like

-I loved it when the guard guy pretended to offer the brother/prisoner guy some food. Hilarious!

-Being in forests all the time is really starting to bore me. Did they lose their maps to the awesome settings from the first episode or something?

episode four

-the whole Confessor/psychologist situation was really weird :/ It seems very random for people who have never met her to have Kahlan to just listen to all of their problems and do everything she says. And Zed being so inistant that the guy wasn't his son was a bit obnoxious and rude. His potential son was standing right there!

-I like that there was supposed to be the emotional tie between Richard and his 'mum', but it was SO obvious that she wasn't actually. Yeah right like they're going to bring another brother into the mix. And having Zed be Richard's grandfather was also annoyingly obvious.

-Although this episode wasn't all doom and gloom. I liked how Richard snuck into the village and how he escaped from the locked room, it's good to see he has a brain. And also I like how every episode they're managing to tide another village over to Team Seeker. :D

2. I've never hated anybody, either real or on tv as much as I hate Molly on Ugly Betty

3. I'm getting new glasses soon. They look rather similar to these, but there is a problem with my medicare or my healthcare or... something. To tell you the truth I have no idea what's going on, but hopefully soon I shall post pictures of myself with shiny new glasses :D

4. I've got an orientation week for my Photography course beginning this Monday. I have to wake up at 7:00ish and I'm scared because the earliest I've woken up this past week is 11:00 :/

5. Grey's Anatomy is my favourite show on TV at the moment, I haven't been disappointed with any of the episodes so far this season, which is more than I can say for all of my other shows. It's funny because I never really liked it at all until this season, other than the Bomb episodes obviously :P


do you sometimes eat doughnuts with a fork because you don't like getting sticky fingers

yes of course, sticky fingers are the worst!
um, no... that's kinda weird...
doughwhats. huh?

how do you feel about Molly on Ugly Betty?

ugh, I hate her too
Molly's great, get off her back!
I haven't seen Ugly Betty, so I'll just play along and say I hate her too
I haven't seen Ugly Betty, but I want to be contrary so I'll say I love her

how many tv series have you watched every single aired episode of (being behind on this weeks Supernatural still means you can count it, but having not watched the final episode of Buffy doesn't)

how many tv series have you started to watch, but then been distracted by something shiny?

edit: I missed 1 completed show and 6 started shows so add those to my totals :P
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