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oh boy... is it just me or does this post make a lot less sense than usual :/

1. I watched Legend of the Seeker 1x01-02 and long story short: OH MY GOD! SO AWESOME!!

Warning: I wrote all of this as I was watching the episode so there's a good chance I've contradicted myself at one point or another and I refuse to edit it for purity and preservation purposes


Beginning credits were a little lame

Actors were very all very very hot and both excitingly tall. WOW, THAT BACK!! AND AWESOME SLOW MOTION HAIR!! Note to self: icon main guy's shirtless back for elitehunks challenge.

!!! SPECIAL EFFECTS with the possession thingy and the sky! Her eye was so swirly and awesome! And I loved the special effect army!

I thought we'd progressed as a society, but it felt weirdly new to have the guy to watch on as the girl is being mysterious and powerful. Although I loved it :D

I'm pretty sure that this is proof that anything the british do, Americans do better. (LotS > Merlin any day) Although it does seem weird to have people in medievaley times speaking with american accents :/

Music was awesome, reminded me of BSG/T:TSCC a bit but with less drums

Exposition was surprisingly bearable considering it was all "this is blade of mystery, only you can use it" and "this is the book of secrets, only you can read it" "but that's impossible, nobody has ever broken the barrier before!" "I shall lie your bones in the hall of sorrow and may you live forever in the valley of endless peace". Usually when stuff is being explained I ask questions and often they go unanswered, but this answered them almost the moment after I thought it, which was good :D

The Gar(goyle monster) special effect was really lame, but the old man shooting flames from his hands was somewhat fantastic.

I'm sure you didn't click on the cut because you haven't seen this yet, but the main actor guy is from Brisbane, harbourlight! see?

Main character guy was delightfully believable in his reluctance to accept his 'destiny', as anyone would be. But he wasn't unnecessarily reluctant like a lot of characters are. oh, and his brother is the bad guy, that's fun (Dexter spoiler alert!), just like in Dexter season 1 :D

the awesome colours and settings and stuff turned into a very dark blue night after a bit which was boring

Episode 2 was way less impressive visually and managed to almost make me compleletely forget I was watching it. The fight scenes were all kind of awesome though. If they have at least one of these per episode I shall be very happy. I really think _jems_'s picspam did it justice :D

Basically this show is equally as epic -if not more than- Lord of the Ring, but we get a weekly dose and everybody is hotter.

Oh, and can I just emphasise again how massively pretty the two main characters are! Guh! If anybody wants a picspam I'll do that, otherwise icons will be forthcoming :D

2. Oh how I love Melissa George! I'm up to the bit on Alias when it turns out she's evil and... guh. I love it when my gals turn out to be evil. She's like Gretchen from Prison Break but blonder :D

3. I'm up to 5x01-02 of Charmed and... oh Paige ♥! Forget Cole/Phoebe, she's definitely the best part of this show and I don't know why anybody would prefer Pru over her. And here are some caps to show her awesomeness: 1 2 3 4

4. Remember this girl from Lost last week who spoke weirdly? Well after watching that I started talking exactly like her, it was completely unintentional. It's funny, but I also adopt a New Zealand accent after watching Flight of the Conchords. In fact, my brother does it as well. The word 'yes' has been pronouced as 'yis' in our house for the last two months :P

5. Lily Cole is acting now? I don't know how I feel about this :/


do you know who Lily Cole is?


do you live at home?


do you know who Jessica Stam is?


do you love Melissa George also?

of course, who doesn't?
ugh, not at all
well... I mean, I like her, but I wouldn't say I love her...

do you also sometimes speak like people you've recently seen on TV/in movies?



"I want to see it"
"I don't want to see it"
"I haven't heard of it before"
"I've seen it and I didn't like it"
"I've seen it and liked it"

edit *facepalm* "do you live at home" "uh, no, actually I'm homeless and on livejournal"... It was supposed to be "do you live with your parents?" :P
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