Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

yep, this is now

I finally have my computer updated with all the stuff since the crazyness of Christmas.

Been scouring lj for some editorial/HQ pictures communities and have found a couple of good ones. Unfortunately it will take me several days to get all of the good pictures, we've got practically no bandwith left and I've got bunches of other slightly more important things to be doing.
This may or may not lead to an icon post. All of the ones I've made so far have been really dull and uninspired (see: current icon) so maybe not.

I'm rewatching The Office and I don't really like the direction it's going in now, I think season 2 is much funnier than the later episodes, or perhaps I'm just grumpy because I haven't watched anything new in a while other than Family Guy, which is also getting progressively worse.
Tags: family guy, the office

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