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1. yay, I'm now a co-mod at elitehunks and I'm currently in the process of devising some fun challenges :D

2. I've been working on that moodtheme a little bit and here are some results:

Photobucket hot
Photobucket drained
Photobucket uncomfortable
Photobucket crazy
Photobucket Photobucket sad
Photobucket curious
Photobucket angry
Photobucket cold
Photobucket sleepy

moodtheming is so much fun! :D cropping to 90x40px is so much easier than 100x100! Also I get the feeling that this is quickly going to turn into a Donna/Futurama moodtheme, knowing what my brain automatically thinks of when it thinks of emotions :/

3. I've only seen 4 episodes of Charmed season 4 and I already love Paige a million times more than Pru :D
Tags: elitehunks, moodtheme
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