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i. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing
ii. Do this everyday for eight 365 days without fail
iii. Tag eight of your friends to do the same

-Flight of the Conchords 2x01!!
-getting money from relatives as early Christmas presents
-various songs by Beyonce
-preparing 2.

2. Copied, pasted and edited from a comment I made to something nargynargy said re: my obsession with models. I thought it was worth sharing :)

It's interesting because it's not necessarily a crush thing. Unlike most people (from what I've heard) who seem to feel bad about themselves when they look at models because they know that they're not as good looking as them, models actually make me feel better about the way I look. I don't really know why :/ I think maybe I'm intrigued in the perfection... or something?

Anyway, here are my favourite male models listed in alphabetical order with pictures:

Alexandre Cunha
Anton Olsson
Guntars Asmanis
Jamie Dornan
Jamie Strachan
Matt Benstead
Nicholas Lemons
Nicholas Bemberg
Reid Prebenda
Sean Opry
Taylor Fuchs
Texas Olsson
Vladimir Ivanov
and my most recent discovery Zac Taylor

And now female models, also accompanied by pictures:

Adraiana Lima
Anya Rozova
Devon Aoki
Jessica Stam
Katarzyna Dolinska
Lily Cole
Linda Evangelista
Miranda Kerr
Natalia Vodianova

now, is there anyone you think I'm missing? Please, comment with pictures! I implore you.
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