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1. stolen from lovestories

i. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
ii. Do this everyday for eight seven days without fail.
iii. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

-I listened to the Flight of the Conchords soundtrack <3 SO FUNNY!
-I discovered the awesomeness of Alexandre Cunha's face <3 SO SEXY!
-I ate a scone <3 DELICIOUS!
-Gaius's "you are all perfect, because god only loves perfect things and he loves you" speech at the end of BSG 4x04
-Sarah killing that guy in Chuck 2x11
-Gretchen being hilarious/evil/adorable in Prison Break 4x10
-The reavelation that Michael's mum is alive (or at least that's the conclusion I came to) in Prison Break 4x15

2. I was watching House 5x11 the other day and there was an absolutely stunning plus-sized girl on there who thought she was ugly and you know what? It broke my damn heart. When I first saw her, my initial reaction was :o and she thought she was ugly? I mean, I know that she's a fictional character, but for some reason it breaks my heart to think that there are pretty people out there who don't think that they are. :(

So... do you think you're good looking? And reply with pictures, so I can tell judge for myself :P

3. I've been watching Charmed season 1 these past few days and so far I have mixed feelings. My initial reaction was that it was a poor man's version of Buffy season 1, but episodes 13 and 14 have actually been really good. The story is evolving, the mythology is evolving, and it's all going in a direction that I'm interested in finding out more about.

4. icons

a) Photobucket I really like this. The multiplying of scenery and the blurry square thing are two things I've been doing a lot of recently and I like them.

b) Photobucket alternate colouring of 'a' #1

c) Photobucket alternate colouring of 'a' #2

d) Photobucket alternate colouring of 'a' #2. My favourite possibly?

e) Photobucket I mentioned I am in love with Alexandre Cunha's face, right? I like that the colouring made everything look very flat, I think it's interesting.

f) Photobucket sexy picture, but that's a 'nay' on colouring/iconning skills.

g) Photobucket made for my battle with brooke70 and I like it. It's certainly not the best icon I've made, but it's also definitely not the worst.

h) Photobucket remember how I said I have been using scenic pictures on multiply as textures? Well here's me going overboard with that. Stam is always perfection though <3

i) Photobucket I love this. It's simple, it's subtle, it's smooth. He's yellow, but he doesn't look crazy, which is something I don't think I've achieved before. And to top it all off it's Flight of the Conchords!! :D

I also made a corresponding signature for use in forums

j) Photobucket Seriously, why do I even bother making Lena icons? They all turn out rubbish! I'm trying to play with difference a little more.

k) Photobucket alternate for 'j'

l) Photobucket despite what I named this icon, this is actually a P2 icon. Isn't Rachel Nichols pretty? And if you don't mind me saying, I don't think my colouring is too shabby, myself.

m) Photobucket see 'l', except my colouring IS too shabby.

n) Photobucket Miss Sato, is that you in a decent cap I see? Well I never! Aside from the weird colourey bits in the border, I really like this. And as you can see, I'm doing the blurry square thing again (WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? WHY AM I DOING THAT ALL OF A SUDDEN?)

o) Photobucket hmm... this is Ben Foster in X-Men 3, but for some reason I put a weird texture all over his pretty pretty face :/

p) Photobucket what do you think? Better? I'm not convinced... :/
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