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1. Thanks to dana_chosenart's incredibly generous money lending I now have a permanent paid account here on lj! How awesome! And the best part? I can now have a total of 195 icons! THAT IS CRAZY! And so guess what I did to celebrate... Yes, that's right, I deleted all of them *headdesk* why do I do the things I do?

2. Anyway, to celebrate my new icon space, it's time for an icon meme! Stolen from letsey_x

Go to my userpics and choose
i. Your favourite icon.
ii. Your least favourite icon.
iii. One that makes you think automatically about me.
iv. One that you think I should use more often.
v. One that you: don't understand/ you need an explanation/ you have no idea why I have it.

3. In order to get into the courses I want to next year, I have to present a portfolio of my work to prove that I'm dedicated to the feild of the course. This Monday I have to present a Photography portfolio and I just realised I haven't taken enough good photos so I whipped out the ol' camera and took a few pictures of myself.

let's take a look, shall we?



Tags: dana_chosenart, letsey-x, me, meme, photography
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