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1. I mentioned in my last post that I'm loving Project Runway, well forget that because whatever emotion I had before is nothing compared to what I have now. Season 3 is flippin' awesome!
There are so many fun characters, the challenge concepts are creative and the designs are innovative. They're so much better than both of the previous seasons! I am shocked at how quickly I had become attached to the characters, for example I was furious for about a day that the second person to leave, left, because of how I attached I was to him.

My current favourites are...

Laura Bennett: a mother a fifty billion who is determined to stay classy despite it and I think also looks freakishly like McKey from this cycle of ANTM (who also dresses amazingly, did you SEE what she wore to panel this week? :O).

Malan Breton: he seems sort of shy and he mentioned at some point that he'd never had any friends and I related to that from the very beginning. I really liked his designs, but he's the one who left second that I mentioned earlier :(

Alison Kelly: as adorable as a flippin' button and the best part about her is that she doesn't seem to just float through life on that. Her designs have easily been some of my favourites.

Kanye Gillaspie: He's fun, crazy and weirdly into pageants. It's incredibly out of character for me to describe someone as this, but I think it's very appropriate to describe him as a sexy bitch.

I really like a lot of the others, but those are the four that stand out the most for me

and some icons to fuel my obsession...
a) Photobucket I like this, it's very simple, it's very clean and with such a strong base I think that's a very good thing. I HATE the background, but it was near impossible to cut him out.

b) Photobucket I think this is my favourite of the batch. I was heavily inspired by Photobucket by colorbox

c) Photobucket it's like 'b', but red.

d) Photobucket once again, colorbox inspired. My one problem with this is that the white looks very patchy instead of seamless.

e) Photobucket I can't decide if I like this less or more than d, I keep on changing my mind :P I do like my subtle text useage :)

f) Photobucket Ayy... why must I always burn red? I wasn't going to share this with you because I considered it a failure, but I then figured that full disclosure is always best, however cringe-worthy.


i) I loved this photo of Serena, it was so perfect and yet also imperfect at the same time, which gave me something to do to it (you know how much I love to retouch my pictures :D) I think that the overexposure really works here, which isn't something I ever think. The other other two people who I think can overexpose and make it classy are drankmywar and whoever is responsible for the effects on BSG. :P

ii) clearly an alternate version of 'i' that I went a bit wild on textures with. I prefer 'i' because of the simplicity.
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