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beware: possible catharsis ahead

1. Can anybody tell me what other shows air on the same day as Gossip Girl? An extensive list with absolutely nothing left out is preferable. I'd explain why I need this, but I want it to be a surprise :D

2. I got Photoshop CS4. It hinders me greatly when it comes to icon-making, however I'm thrilled by all of the new features. I have very mixed feelings... :/
Here's the first icon I made with CS4: Photobucket I actually really like it. It's a bit wild, but that's a lot better than being boring. I'm especially loving my lines in the middle. I did that for a Prison Break icon a while ago and I'm glad I brought it back :)

3. Does anybody have a good source for TSCC stills? I have a few, but they're a bit boring.

4. I intend to make multi-fandom wallpapers from now, because I change what I'm obsessing over so often that I need them ALL on my desktop at the same time otherwise I just end up changing my desktop every day :P

5. Once again this week Chuck managed to thrill me to no end and also completely disappoint me. Everything is so depressingly contrived yet unbelievably awesome.

And is it just me, or did Yvonne Strahovski suddenly become completely stunning this week? I've always wanted to find her attractive, but her look has never jived with me before, but in this latest episode... wow! I think they're trying out some new stuff with her hair and makeup and I hope they stick with it :D

Speaking of which, does anybody know where to find good HQ Chuck season 2 caps? I have so much obsession inside of me that's busting to be released in icon form.

6. I had a weird nightmare last night. There were two parts to it (that I can remember), but overall the theme seems to be: my family is evil.

Part 1 - I was mocking mum behind her back and it turns out she overheard me. Then, out of nowhere, she jumped out to attack me. She had gigantic glowing green eyes and there was such ferocity inside of her that even now, a good 16 hours later, it scares me even to remember it.

Part 2 - It was raining so heavily that the fish had no problem whatsoever swimming through the air (sidenote: this is something that happens surprisingly often in my dreams). I decided to keep one of the fish as my pets. It was really frilly and colourful and awesome, but then my brother shot its brains all over the floor. Trying to get over my grief I got a new jellyfish-like fish. It was squirmy and fun, but then I gave it to my brother, he dropped it and all of its innards fell out. :(

7. I've been watching the first two seasons of Project Runway these last few weeks and I love it. The quality of designs for season two were terrible in comparison to season one, but overall I say yay for runway. :D

8. I mentioned a long long time ago that I was going to do a photoshop course. Well I've been doing them every Thursday this month. The first couple of classes were fairly rubbish, I knew almost everything we were being instructed on so it was just really boring and it felt like a waste of time and money. However, last weeks was actually pretty good! We focuses on paths, which I know little to nothing about and it turns out you can use them to make some pretty awesome stuff, so you may see some of that reflected in my work from now on. :)

9. One of my cats has apparently been getting into fights because he has punctures on his face and puss oozing out of them. It's fairly gross and very sad. I'm very close to my cats, so when the vet told us how much the treatment was and mum said "I think next time we'll just let him use up one of his nine lives", it was pretty difficult to hear.

10. I've discovered an awesome lemon yogurt which I'm crazy about at the moment (made by vaalia, in case anyone is interested). I've never liked yogurt at all (even though I've wanted to) so this is fun for me. It's rediculously low in fat and high in lots of good stuff and these last few days I've been eating it by the bucketload. Literally :|

11. My coworkers have been acting weirdly around my lately. I'm trying to be friendly, but they're responding with lots and lots of coldness/aggresiveness. However, they don't seem to be doing that to eachother... I'm sad and don't know what's going on.

12. whose friggin ingenious idea was it to dress/make up Serena up like this? *headdesk*
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