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22 October 2008 @ 11:29 pm
this post is about nothing  
1. okay, I am LOVING my new header. You have no idea how refreshing and exciting it is to see Reid Prebenda whenever I'm perusing your new entries :D

2. I'm watching the two Thursday Saturday Night Live episodes. Yes, the title is very rather confusing :P

3. while I'm thrilled that McKey is unbdoubtedly going to be America's Next Top Model, I'm annoyed with how obvious it is.

4. I need new large textures, I'm bored this these ones. Why are there so few good ones out there? Actually, is there any chance you could link me to your favourites? :D

5. Chuck was really awesome this week. The central concept of the episode was disappointingly contrived, but it was hilarious, the fight scenes were awesome and teenaged nerdy Sarah is adorkable <3

6. I thought 90210 was surprisingly good this week. And not just better than usual, it was genuinely awesome!
trichinopoly ash: antm: mckeyaldehyde on October 23rd, 2008 03:42 pm (UTC)
yea it's kind of obvious mckey will win but she's so AWKWARD as soon as she opens her mouth or does anything that doesn't involve posing or runway! which i guess is fine when it comes to modelling but as a covergirl model, they always place so much importance on being a "spokesperson" blah blah - that i find it weird how she could win, unless she goes through some major changes while in jolly ol' amsterdam ;)

i'd love to see sheena win. she rocks.

i missed both chuck and 90210. it's too difficult to keep up with all these shows!