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1. heck yeah! I made a new header for my journal and I love it! Reid is slightly retouched, just enough to make me feel like I contributed to the photo :P I also think the centered design works really well with the layout :D

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a) Photobucket I made this for topicon, I don't think I'm completely content with it. I think my biggest problem is that probably nobody can tell who or what it is :P

b) Photobucket for my current battle with nowordforit. I don't really like it, the cap was annoyingly difficult to work with and I don't think it was the best lighting for Mr. Barrowman's face.

c) Photobucket also made for the battle, I don't like this either. Mostly because I haven't watched True Blood at all

d) Photobucket see: 'c', but replace 'True Blood' with 'Merlin'

e) Photobucket another made for the battle, I'm happy with the colouring, but I don't like the cropping. The cap looked incredible, but it didn't seem like it could be cropped flatteringly.

f) Photobucket me watching Grey's Anatomy + looking at burymyregret's icons = this

g) Photobucket and Photobucket I love the original picture, but I'm not crazy about these. I'd rather make coloured icons (because B+W=laziness), but I definitely prefer the black and white one

h) Photobucket oh no, the colouring, the cropping, the light splodges... nothing looks good here as far as I'm concerned, other than the original awesomeness of Jessica :D

i) Photobucket I love this a lot. I'm a huge fan of Asmanis's face and I think this icon embodies the perfection of it.

j) Photobucket I don't know if it's just me, but Debra is incredibly difficult to icon. Maybe it's just because there aren't many HQ cap sources for Dexter, but I am having a really hard time making one I'm satisfied with :(

k) Photobucket see: 'j'

l) Photobucket this just seems average to me. The light splodge location is very obvious and the colouring is nothing to write home about. It is, however, my favourite Dexter icon to date :P

m) Photobucket be prepared to see more icons with this picture in the future because I'm determined to make something good of it. I love the original drawing, but I went way too over the top with the light splodging.

n) Photobucket yet another made for my battle, and I love it :D I'm not sure if you can tell, but that's not his original background and I'm incredibly pleased with how I got the colourscheme to work overall.

o) Photobucket and even another one made for the battle. This was actually my least favourite cap and that must've encouraged me to try harder and be more courageous with my texturing (a phenomenon I've been noticing a lot recently) because the everything is spot on as far as I'm concerned. :D

3 I still have to do my tax return and I have a very small amount of time left in which I can.
Tags: bsg, buffy, burn notice, burymyregret, dexter, fashion, greys anatomy, guntars asmanis, header, icons, jessica stam, merlin, reid prebenda, sean opry, the office, torchwood, true blood

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