Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

1. Come on, somebody! Having no takers on an icon battle is incredibly embarassing :(

I should probably stop picking such random pictures, because this isn't the first time this has happened... however, you've got to admit they're smokin' even if you don't know who they are

2. I assume you've all heard 'Womanizer' by now. I think it's ridiculous, but simultaneously I'm addicted to it. I can't stop watching the video clip on youtube. :P

3. I've been meaning to mention this for a while now, but there is a petrol station along my bus route called 'Steward Patterson Automotives' or something of that nature. I'm hoping all of the Twilight fans on my flist understand why I posted this seemingly random piece of information. :P


a) Photobucket I made this for topicon's mini challenge this week and I LOVE it! I really shouldn't be showing this to you, because theres a possibility I will be disqualified because of that, but I can't hold in my Bemberg lovin'! I'm crazy about my texture use and balance of light and dark here, which is good because it's pretty much all you can do in a black and white icon :P

b) Photobucket I don't like this and I don't know why. Technically everything is good, it's an amazing picture, the colouring is vibrant and varied, but it's just not working for some reason.

c) Photobucket another icon I'm somewhat disappointed with. The original picture is so striking and this just lacks the punch. And I think there's something weird about the way I've used light splodges to illuminate his face...

5. it was my mums birthday yesterday

6. I have had a disturbingly eventful day today. I don't care to go into details, but I'll give you some random phrases for my benefit that should trigger memories in the future.

-the automated kristine response
-unplanned employee flood
-rye pana di casa
-there is no way you can mop the floor in 6 minutes
-tears for jeers
-those crazy alcoholics again
-an incidental foot massage

7. comment and tell me one thing about your day. Interesting or non-interesting, I want to hear it.
Tags: icons, nicholas bemberg, sean opry, taylor fuchs, work

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