Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

okay, I've got a few more ideas for comms :D

{currently nameless community}: Basically it's another icontest community, just like iconplay, but the winner of every challenge gains control over the community for that week. They can post whatever they want (within reason, of course) but they MUST post the challenge post, a reminder post, a voting post and a congratulating post for the winner of the next challenge. They can do whatever challenge they want (as in, a Doctor Who themed challenge with provided caps, or a texture-themed challenge, or one based on a quote from a book or, well, anything!) and conduct it in whatever way they want (for example, they could make a rule that you have to submit a minimum of 5 icons... I don't know if many people would enter for that, thought :P). They can even make a rule that for the voting that week you vote for your 1 least favourite and that's all. They can do whatever they want with that comm for that week. Oh, but you're not allowed to enter your own challenge.

difficult_caps: it's kind of a icon request community, but somebody will post a difficult cap and then people looking for a challenge will see the best they can do with it.


I've decided that I'm just going to make myself a new header for my journal, instead of getting an entirely new layout. I think I might see if I can change the colourscheme, though...
Tags: comms

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