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10 October 2008 @ 02:43 am
Oh my friggin god! Anne Hathaway's SNL episode was so fantastic, I can't get over it! I actually watched it yesterday and wasn't going to bother posting about it, but as the day's gone on, the obsession has gone completely out of control. Seriously, even if you don't watch SNL and will never watch another episode ever watch this one because it is HILARIOUS! I need her to be a regular addition to the cast because Anne fit in so perfectly, I can't even explain it :D

I also made several icons to feed my addiction:
a) Photobucket b) Photobucket c) Photobucket d) Photobucket

I think the first is my favourite, but I'm not really content with any of them :(

Various other icons:
e) Photobucket f) Photobucket g) Photobucket h) Photobucket i) Photobucket j) Photobucket

I also made icons for my battle with neversleeps, but I can't show you because we've decided not to share our results until the final post, which I think is going to be a lot of fun :)
Steph: celeb: alyh closeupharbourlight on October 12th, 2008 09:02 am (UTC)
I agree that a is the best out of the first four. I love the colors on f :D