Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

1. When I was leaving work today there was a huge car accident right next to where I was walking. Some guy on a motorbike got hit by a car. People were calling ambulances and asking him if he was okay (he wasn't) and I just walked away. I kind of feel a bit like a bad person, but I would've just been in the way of people who could've done something to help. I regret sticking around and at the very least watching how the situation would play out. I think I'm going to get dressed in non-uniform clothes and go take a look at how everything is going once I've posted this.

EDIT: I went back. The whole street was closed off, there were ambulances and a firetruck. I think the motorbike guy was gone, but his bike was smashed to pieces, as was the car. I think the driver is okay, but yeah, it's pretty scary.


3. remember how I was saying that I've been working a lot recently? Well I got my paycheque and it was more than double what I usually get :D
Tags: meme, work

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