Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,


WOWOWOW! Guess what! I'm the very first motm ever over at iconplay!

I think that's a pretty awesome achievement considering my competition included (but wasn't limited to) _rhea, adina_mpj, watchpoint, colorbox, takethewords, letsey_x, likegunfire, whenitsquiet, mefan, neversleeps, mouthfullofdust, nightcomes, onlyechoes, prettybutt and schmiss to name a few. Although a few of those have fairly recently won motm over at icon_crack so I don't think they were in the running. But I'm not drankmywar and I don't know what she was thinking, so maybe they were!

Anyway, I have power over the community for the next week, so I highly suggest you watch it (even if only for the next week) because I intend to post:
-an introductory post, including a list of my numerous fandoms.
-my favourite iconmakers
-a 'then and now' post for my icons
-link to my favourite texture-makers and I may specifically pinpoint the textures I love
-psds of my favourite icons and the ones requested
-a 'then and now' post for my wallpapers
-I'll ask people what they think of my many ideas for lj communities and see if anybody wants to help me get any off of the ground
-I'll ask for help with with my awesome multi-fandom moodtheme
-and then I may finish off by showing some of my (never before seen!) retouching work and begging for people to pay me to retouch their photos :P

... :| ... it's a good thing I'm doing absolutely nothing else for the next week :D

oh, and I'm taking requests here if you want to jump in and request something. I really hope somebody does, because I'm gonna look like a total loser if I have an empty requests post :P
Tags: adina_mpj, clearthe_area, colorbox, drankmywar, katrina87, letsey-x, likegunfire, liquid_garnet, mefan, miz_thang88, motm, mouthfullofdust, nightcomes, onlyechoes, prettybutt, rhea, schmiss
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