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a little art update cos my life is doing nothing at the moment

1. Free Image Hosting at

I honestly don't understand why there is so much Hannah hating at the moment and why she was called 3rd to last in panel. I love this photo a lot. I think she looks fantastic, she's selling the dress and she's being a chameleon which is always fun to see. She's not portraying the theme of the shoot, but I don't care at all. Oh, I really like my colouring and how I cleaned up the ugly cap :D

3. icons

Photobucket brilliant! I didn't think I could make this look as good as I did :D

Photobucket I like that there's a lot of negative space, but overall this isn't rocking my world.

Photobucket this cap was INCREDIBLY hard to colour, but I think I did a pretty good job :D

Photobucket everything I dreamed this cap could become and then some :D

Photobucket uh... meh. Boston Legal caps in general are very difficult to work with and this was no exception. I'm not sure what it is, but something to do with my colouring does not jive with them at all

3. I watched 90210. It was pretty trashy, but if nothing else I suggest you watch it so that everything else you watch looks better in comparison :P Also I'm now in love with Jessica Stroup <3
Tags: 90210, antm, boston legal, buffy, burn notice, dexter, icons, ugly betty, walls

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