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why with all of the randomness?

1. Okay, so you're not going to believe me (because it seems I just can't make my mind up), but the internet is actually fixed now! For reals! I'm at my mums house (where the problem was) on my computer posting this at this very moment, that's just how for reals this is :P

2. stolen from nightcomes

1. List your top seven character ships
2. Put all of them in order of your love for them; 7 to 1, 1 being your main fixation.
3. Name the movie/show that they're in.
4. Supply photos for said people.
5. Tag seven people.

7. King Henry/Anne Boleyn - The Tudors





I love that in EVERY single picture I have that includes the both of them, one is staring intently at the other. Now, I must admit, I'm not attracted to Jonathan at all but Natalie definitely makes up for it. She's so enchanting and yet simultaneously enchanted by him (for some reason.

6. 9/Rose - Doctor Who




These pictures really represent their relationship to a tee I think. He showed her the universe. She sacrificed herself for him and he did the same for her. It's completely epic and absolutely perfect.

5. Tru/Luc - Tru Calling


It's a shame that the only picture I can find of the two of them is a manipulation, because they are truly the sexiest couple ever, let alone on TV. He's perfect, she's perfect, but I just wish they'd developed their story more before they/he got "cancelled".

4. Emily/Matt - Standoff





They've definitely got a yin/yang thing going on and I think it really works. What I loved was when they broke up in the finale and when Emily's talking to a random guy she twirls her hair to make him jealous. <3

3. Anya/Pasha - So You Think You Can Dance

I have so much love for the two of them individually, but together... POW! So much Russian sexiness, I can't handle it all!

2. Fry/Leela - Futurama





Guh, once again a truly epic couple. What makes me love them the most is that when trying to find a few good pictures of them together I had a surplus of amazing ones to pick from.

1. Michael/Holly





What's so amazing about these two that puts these two at #1 on my list? The fact that they've only had a single episode together and I ship them as much as -if not more than- everybody else on this list. They're absolutely perfect for each other and I don't think anybody can dispute that.

and I'm tagging:

can I just take this moment to say how much I love you guys? I was scrolling through my list of people who have friended me and I had a really hard time deciding who I wanted to know shipping information of. Other than the fairly major lack of comments from most of you, I'm incredibly happy :D

3. icons

a) Photobucket I think this is really average.

b) Photobucket I like this cap a lot, but see 'a'

c) Photobucket see 'b'

d) Photobucket ah, Audrey is so pretty! I'd forgotten. But I do feel I should've done more to this.

e) Photobucket I think I may have done too much

f) Photobucket if you can't tell I am heavily influenced by schmiss, except these suck in comparison. I think she looks like a zombie in this and 'f'.

g) Photobucket I've done something weird with the light splodges on her face. But in my defense, if I recall correctly the cap was very dark and very desaturated.

h) Photobucket I love this. I think my colouring is very abnormal and usual, but I also think it works.

i) Photobucket see 'h'

j) Photobucket I like this, but not a lot. I like the light splodges, I like my interpretation of the cap, but overall I'm not blown away by it.

k) Photobucket I am head-over-heels in love this this photo, Sheena rocked my socks a lot in that premiere. I am also in love my colouring. Once again I am heavily inspired by schmiss, but this time I think it actually works. :D

4. In order of my love for them, here are my (spoilery) opinions on the final 13 ANTM contestants of cycle 11 so far.

13. Clark - I don't like her look and I don't like her personality. And from the sounds of things, everybody else agrees.
12. Brittany - I was on the fence about her. Both her look and her personality were neither particularly bad nor good, but her voice really tipped the balance for me. I can't stand it! Every single time I see the name 'Brittany' now, I hear her grating voice. *shudder*
11. Nikeysha - I feel the same way about her as I do Brittany, but her "haaay" thing has tipped the balance for me. It's stupid, but it's addictive and I love it :P
10. Lauren Brie - I know nothing about her at all. She's got a cool face, but she hasn't done anything at all.
9. Analeigh - She seems like a bit of fun, but I want to know more about her before she moves higher on my list.
8. Samantha - see Analeigh, except she seems like a bit more fun :D
7. McKey - I am in love with her look and her personality is a bit of fun. It disappointed me that she had to box in the photo to get a good one. Her voice is growing on me though. And I like that she's accepting of Isis.
6. Marjorie - Marjorie's photo was amazing this week, but her personality drove me INSANE! At first I liked it, but enough is enough. I really hope that she gets a little self-confidence and says something other than "I'm very nervous".
5. Isis - I don't like her look at all, but her personality is amazing. She's so determined and tough, it's inspiring :D
4. Hannah - I really don't know why everybody's hating her. She didn't say she's against the transgendered, just that she feels awkward around them because she grew up in a small town. And her photo was terrific this week, yet she was called third-to-last! So far, she has been flawless to me. The only reason she's not #1 is because everybody else from now on is MORE than flawless.
3. Joslin - I am completely in love with her determination. It inspires the heck out of me that she tried out 30 times and I would be proud to have her as a winner. Her personality is adorable (lol "wet free body") and her photos so far have been so diverse. Luckily the one that mattered was the one that was the best :D
2. Elina - I know what you're thinking, "what the hell? Why isn't Elina #1? Wasn't Josh weirdly obsessed with her a week ago?" and yes, you're right. But it turns out I'm only weirdly in love with hair-extension-ed Elina. I still like her, don't get me wrong. I'm just not thinking about her every second of the day anymore since my last memory of her was with short hair :P Although, since watching the premiere I am now also in love with her personality. Her calmness intrigues me and overall I love her attitude towards everything.
1. Sheena - I love Sheena SO much! Her personality is so crazy and fun and she's got that 'unforgettable' thing about her :D Also, her photo this week blew my mind as you may have noticed :P When I see her I can't help but think about the first thing she told us in the first episode; "when I walk the streets of Harlem I am very dynamic, I'm magnifying" and I keep on imagining her walking the streets with magnetic field radiating around her :P And she's got this thing about her that Catherine Tate has too, where I just believe what they have to say.

And for the reference, I am thrilled about the ratio of people I like vs. people I don't like (in cycle 9 I think I like about 2 of the 14 people) and I would be more than thrilled if any of my top 5 win :D

5. Wow, I just googled 'america's next top model' using the 'large images' filter and on the very first page there is not one, but TWO of my wallpapers! WHA? Randomness!

6. There's this thing that happens in Adelaide once a year, we call it The Show. It's basically a carnival/fete-ey thing that comes into town a block away from dads house. Finding a park in a 10 block radius from there is IMPOSSIBLE and everybody's always walking around with bags full of lollies wearing clown wigs, it's hilarious. Anyway, it's on right now and it will continue to be on for a week. I love just sitting outside because everybody looks so crazy and you can hear screams from the people on the rides easily, even when I'm going to sleep and the window's open :P Our family isn't going this year, for the first time since I was about 2, because apparently Nathan and I "have grown up and don't need to go anymore", whatever that's supposed to mean :(

7. For those of you outside of Australia, there's a famous (and hilarious) comedy radio/tv duo called Hamish and Andy. I've listened to their radio podcasts since the 31st of August last year and you would not believe who I heard on the 20th of August this year! MY COUSIN! He was on a segment called 'Blast from the Past' where they call somebody up randomly and try and convince them that they're from their past. I'm usually bored to tears by it, because it plays out the exact same way every time, but I did prick up my ears when the person they were calling said that they were from Launceston, Tasmania, where my cousin lives. And then my ears were even further pricked when the person said that they were MID-FLYING LESSON! Now there is no way that there are two people in Launceston who are learning to fly a plane, so I rewound my mp3 and low and behold it was my cousin. What randomness! There are... what? 22 million people in Australia? And he's the one who happened to be called? What's even more coincidental was that somebody who knows him happened to listen to their podcast because I don't think they even get the radio show over there and I don't think my cousins have ever even tried to use the internet before.

8. Has anybody heard of 'liquid resizing' before? It's this cool resizing thing that looks really interesting. It looks like it's going to be a plug-in to Photoshop or something, I don't think it's out yet. I'm fairly sure I found a demo for it, but it didn't work very well... anyway, go youtube it, because there are a few very cool youtube videos about it and I guarantee that all of my arting friends (a.k.a. all of you) will be very interested.

9. walls

i) as mentioned earlier I am really loving this photo, I'm not loving this wallpaper so much. It's moments like this that make me greatful icons are so small, because you can use the lowest quality pictures and it doesn't matter :D

ii) swirls added by nargynargy, colouring done by me :D I like this wallpaper, but I don't love it. I'm not sure why. The colouring looks good, the original was amazing, but something isn't clicking. Maybe it's because I didn't use textures?

10. tell me one non-interesting thing about your day
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