Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

bali bali bali!

1. I'm off to Bali in 6 hours. :)
I thought I should let you all know that if I don't reply to your comments within the next week and half it's not because I'm ignoring you, or because the internet is being evil (which it still is on the other computer, by the way :( ) but because I will be outside of Australia for the very first time in my life! :o


a) Photobucket you probably couldn't tell, but this is Kahlen of ANTM cycle 4. I've done some crazy crazy texturing effects here and I think this ended up looking -not surprisingly- crazy.

b) Photobucket you know what? I think I actually like this. I'm not sure whether or not I think it trumps my other Dollhouse icon with a similar overly-textured style (Photobucket), but I do know that I love this schmissesque style I feel as if I'm able to turn on and off at will :D Also I love this promo. It gave me more new hope for Dollhouse (along with a little IMDBing to find out that Amy Acker WILL be a regular :D)

c) pah! you try making more than 2 icons in 2 days when you computer freaks out whenever you use Photoshop :(

3. as you're probably aware it's that time of the year when all of the new promos are being released (aka the worst time to leave civilisation as we know it :P) and I'm loving it like crazy. I'm having loads of fun obsessing over the new ANTM contestants faces, guessing what personalities they'll have and how far they'll make it in the competition.

I'm also getting weirdly excited about the Ex List, although that's possibly just because Eric Balfour is in the pilot <3

But most importantly, we've finally got a promotional photo for 13 (on House)! YAY! And doesn't she look amazing? I think she looks terrific! As does Gretchen in the Prison Break group photo :D
Tags: antm, bali, dollhouse, ex list, house, icons, prison break
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