Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

i'm a ghost

1. Hey, I'm at dads house at the moment and I'm taking full advantage of the fact that his computer/internet setup is sane while mine still isn't. :(

Okay, so here's the computer situation: Photoshop (sometimes) makes my computer crash. When the computer crashes it doesn't turn back on again for an hour. I can't use MSN. I can't access my e-mails. I can pretty much see most things on the internet, but I can't influence it. That is to say, I can see all of your posts, but I can't comment on them. It's weird and stupid and can I just take this moment to ask HOW DO PEOPLE NOT COMMENT ON STUFF? I feel like I've had my limbs chopped off, it's so weird. I desperately want to comment on all of your posts, but the idiot internet won't let me :(

So here's what I want you to do; whenever you post something just imagine what I'd say in response to that. Odds are that's exactly what I was going to say anyway, I'm very predictable. :)

2. I'm going to Bali for a week and two days on Friday. I intend to buy many pairs of cheap sunglasses and shirts :D


a) Photobucket I was inspired by letsey_x's latest iconpost, but apparently I wasn't inspired enough, because I think this kinda sucks.

b) Photobucket I've been rewatching American Dad. It's not as good as I remember it being... I do like this icon, though.

yes, I realise I'm a nutter for not making icons for my icontests or my current battle with mouthfullofdust, but inconveniently the computer would crash whenever I started trying to and I couldn't be bothered again after that :(


i) Chloe is fantastic. I love that on her wikipedia page it says she "accidentally" became a fashion god :P I retouched this picture a bit and I'm pleased with how it went. :)

ii) I love Weir, I still think she's brilliant and better than the actor and the writers represent her as being :P I was surprised with how the layout and the colouring of this seemed to fall into place. This is my favourite photo of her and the lighting coincidentally seemed to match almost perfectly with the lighting of this awesome setting I wanted to see her in. I retouched another photo of her that I will show you later, because the lighting was really weird and I think I have an un-retouched version of the photo.

iii. my current wallpaper. Jamie Strachan is my latest model obsession. I love this photo of him. I love my use of textures and lighting here. Also I think this is Iron Mathbook at it's awesomest. I really like the way his face and everthing is just really soft and smooth and cool and then Iron Mathbook comes is a crashes the party with it's crazy angles and awesome colouring. I would think that this is my best wallpaper ever if Jamie weren't so yellow...
Tags: amelie, american dad, bali, chloe sevigny, jamie strachan, purchases. icons, sga, walls

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