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1. I checked out the season 10 of American Big Brother (because harbourlight said so. It wasn't on my own free will, I promise!) and it's crazy. It's nothing at all like the Australian Big Brother (it makes ours look classy all of a sudden). It's more like a combination between Survivor and ANTM, but if they were locked in a house. I don't really like anyone at the moment, but I think I'm missing a couple of weeks. I loved the challenge when they had to crawl though the honey, though. That was hilarious! :D

2. I finally finished off my battle with saeva and _rhea at icon_battle, now I've just got to post the results and finish off the one with mouthfullofdust :D

3. I want a new desktop, but I have absolutely no inspiration to change the one I have at the moment. I need more Photoshoots or more TV or something to motivate me :(
I have been crazily obsessed with 30 Rock lately, but they don't have particularly interesting promo shoots :(

4. I had my first car accident today. It's alright, it wasn't my fault. A deaf mailman crashed into my car on his bike :P I was pretty dramatic, but also totally awesome. We're all fine, by the way :D

5. Mum had an art exhibition thing today in town. But this was no oridinary art exhibition, no no. She'd designed an animation and it was being projected onto a wall! Yay! It was actually pretty fun to go along. It was all very much like what you'd see in a movie with crazy generic artsy people and oh! I know what it was like! It was like that episode of himym where Lily was envy and then later on Barney was a robot in love :P Only the weird play involving envy was being projected onto a wall.

6. icons!

a) Photobucket I love the colours on this. I really like the subtlety in the colouring. Like, if you go in really close to the screen you can see that there's a little blue, a little red, a little green, a little... well, you get the point. But my absolute favourite thing about it is that it's about a million times better than Photobucket which I made for the textureless challenge at iconplay. So I'm improving! Yay! :D
b) Photobucket I liked the darkness of this when I made it, but now it just seems dry and lifeless.
c) Photobucket eh.
d) Photobucket if this is going to be my style I've got to say... I'm very happy with it. I really like the way the rectangular cropping looks and I can't get over how much I love that font.
e) Photobucket I don't like my texture, but I do like the colouring. His original background was pretty boring, so I'm glad I changed it :D
f) Photobucket colouring-wise this reminds me of mouthfullofdust's Futurama entry to iconplay in a really good way. And I guess that's appropriate because I stole her caps :D
g) Photobucket and Photobucket for some reason I wasn't able to get a decent outcome for this cap. I liked both of these a lot when I was making them, but they just seem horrible now.
h) Photobucket this reminds me of nightcomes's style :D
i) Photobucket I'd probably like this more if I hadn't toned up the saturation quite so high. It reminds me of something I'd have made about 3 months ago when there were a few complains about grainyness.
j) Photobucket I think this was a great cap choice but it's not bright enough.
k) Photobucket I think the colouring seems fairly unique and the bright cyan background reminds me of letsey_x's older icons. But for some reason I like this less every time I look at it.
l) Photobucket yuck, no. get it away from me!
m) Photobucket I think the obscure cropping is fun, but I think I did something weird with my light splodges
n) Photobucket and Photobucket I honestly can't decide which I prefer. Help me pick one! One one hand I like the dark blueness of the first one, but on the other hand I like the simplicity and the brightness of the second :(
o) Photobucket ah, I think this is a MUCH better Adriana icon than Photobucket which I made a few weeks ago. I prefer the other photo, but I think this one has much better colouring.
p) Photobucket is his face green? That's weird... other than that, colouring and cropping: A- :)
q) Photobucket another icon that reminds me of something I would have made several months ago. I didn't think this would have been such a difficult cap to work with. Balancing all of the colours was really difficult. Sometimes it would be too yellow, but then when I take away the yellow it wouldn't be yellow enough! ARGH! I do like the subtle hints of green up the top, though.
r) Photobucket I made this about 5 minutes ago. It's from the newly released ANTM cycle 11 promo. I have no idea who this girl is, but I love her. I really like my light splodges, especially the one in the bottom left that is a bit pink-y/red-y. I think I should've used a texture or two to add some green over to the right and overall it's getting a bit too bright.
Tags: 30 rock, adriana lima, angel, antm, big brother, buffy, doctor who, fashion, futurama, gossip girl, harbourlight, himym, icons, icontests, mouthfullofdust, potc, rhea, saeva, supernatural

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