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okay, so there isn't quite as much Stam as I indicated there would be yesterday. Or McGowan for that matter. I guess you can never predict where the inspiration is going to hit from.

Photobucket Can you believe it? Toccarra was in VOGUE! That's crazyness! She looked amazing, though :D

Photobucket I've been watching Life on Mars. I don't really like it, but I'm gonna stick with it. I just finished the 3rd episode.

Photobucket Aoki! <3

Photobucket this is possibly the only black and white icon I will ever make. Denise Richards is so stunningly beautiful (absolute 100% perfection as far as I'm concerned), but I don't have nearly enough photos of her.

Photobucket This is my favourite photograph ever. I love how the photographers can ugly up Ricci as much as they want, because no matter what they do she still looks flawless. :D

Photobucket I made the latest challenge at icon_crack in order to amend subjecting you to Photobucket. It's not quite as awesome as I'd like, I think it just needs a bit more blues and contrast.

Tomorrow I intend to make about a million Doctor Who icons for icon_crack in hopes that I can get DW out of my system (at the very least temporarily), but I think we've all just learned you never know what I'm gonna icon next. Not even I do! :o
Tags: antm, christina ricci, denise richards, devon aoki, doctor who, fashion, icons, icontests, life on mars

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