Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

I got whisked up into the world of fashion and glamour once again this afternoon (it seems to happen almost routinely once a month). And this time my obsession was Jessica Stam (with a dash of Rose McGowan, but not nearly as much)

I first fell in love with Stam (and Chloe <3) because of

this photo under the cut

and I nearly died. Best red carpet photo ever!

Oh, and you wouldn't believe this, but Stam's also good friends with Michelle Tractenberg! How awesome! :D

Now, I haven't made any Stam icons yet because my brain has stopped functioning (because it's 3:00am... why am I awake?) but I did get around to making a couple of other fashioney icons while I was still awake...

Photobucket I love this picture of Nicholas, but I've done some craazy crazy colouring here to make him look ugly... somehow
Photobucket I'm not entirely convinced this was a photo of Nicholas Lemons, but I like the icon.
Photobucket Lima love! And at the same time- Unwerth love. Fantastic! :D
Photobucket this is by far my favourite of the four. A brilliant photo and I love the way my cropping and colouring have made it look. Reid <3

more to come! (primarily Stam with a dash of McGowan and a hint of Toccarra's Vogue editorial)
Tags: adriana lima, chloe sevigny, fashion, icons, jessica stam, nicholas bemberg, reid prebenda

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