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for me:

Photobucket this was such a dynamic and awesome cap to work with I honestly don't think I did it justice.

for isayweparty

Photobucket I like the softness of it. It reminds me of Photobucket

Photobucket I think the bar on the right seems a bit tacky, but other than that I think it's fun. I like the depth of it.

Photobucket and Photobucket I definitely prefer the second one. I tend to have very orangey pinkey skin tones and I think it's fun every now and again to do something a little different. It reminds me of Photobucket in that sense

Photobucket this was my favourite cap from the challenge. I love the way the light hits his bumpy face.

Photobucket this was the last I made and I hate to point fingers (I'm kidding, I love to!), but I think when sparkling_gold came along she knocked me out of my iconing zen... hence the reason it's boring :P
Tags: buffy, doctor who, icons, icontests, sparkling_gold

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