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all for the glamour

I've been checking out the Doctor Who caps over at inadream_caps and they're so awesome and gigantic! I love just browsing the galleries :D I only wish there were caps from more season 1 and 3 episodes :(

Photobucket I love the cap, it looks like a photoshoot photo, but something seems kinda funky with my colouring and I can't pinpoint what I think is wrong.

I made these for r0ute666

Photobucket I love feel of this (thanks to sparkling_gold for the caps :D) I just wish I hadn't used such a soft blurry brush. I think if I'd used a hard round brush with no spacing it would've looked a lot better.

Photobucket I like the feel to this, too. It feels slick to me. :P

Photobucket as far as I'm concerned this pales in comparison to the other two.

I started watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl yesterday and I'm just about to finish. Billie looks so incredible, I love her. I wish I had gigantic caps from that. I also wish they didn't swear as much. Other than that I think it's fantastic :D
Tags: doctor who, icons, secret diary of a call girl, supernatural

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