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today i met a cow

I made a bunch of icons this afternoon for icontests.

Photobucket I like the framing and the dark saturatedness of it all, but something about the yellows or the greens or something feels off to me
Photobucket LOVE this one! It reminds me of something harbourlight would do back in the day with the light textures and all.
Photobucket this looked a LOT better on my computer a second ago, I swear!
Photobucket Donna <3
Photobucket I cried... :(
Photobucket doctor!Donna ftw!

I actually really like a couple of these. I was worrying for a while then that I'd lost my iconing edge. But I just sat down today and made a bunch. So now I have two tips to awesome iconning:

1. don't get stuck in a rut, and now...

2. make lots of icons in one sitting, because you'll get better as you go!
Tags: doctor who, harbourlight, himym, icons, icontests

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