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spoilers spoilers spoilers

Okay, I watched the finale and I'm left feeling a little flat. All of the big questions I wanted answered didn't even seem to be mentioned...

If you haven't seen the Doctor Who finale, read no further because there are spoilers! If you have seen it, please continue and help me like the episode more

1. Why was there Bad Wolf written all over the Asian planet in the future and the TARDIS? And why isn't it written on the TARDIS anymore?

2. Why did Rose say that all timelines converge on Donna? It's semi-explained "because she's so unique" but that doesn't make any sense...

3. Why could Donna hear the Doctor's heartbeat? Also semi-explained, but it still didn't make any sense.

4. Why did everybody tell Donna that she had something on her back?

5. Why did Rose have to go back to the alternate dimension? Sure, Billie Piper doesn't wanna stick around anymore, but that doesn't mean Rose has to be locked away forever.

6. Why couldn't the Doctor feel the TARDIS not die?

7. What are the endless flames that Darlek Kahn prophecised?

8. How did Dalek Kahn influence the Doctor to meet Donna?

9. Why didn't the Doctor have to get a new face?

Thoughts anyone?
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