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Doctor Who!!

There, I did it. I marathoned myself to death and I reached The Stolen Earth.

* I wish we knew why there was 'bad wolf' written all over the future, that wasn't really explained was it. And why the walls of the universe were breaking down. Or why the planets were moved. And how. I hope it is all explained next episode. It probably will be, but yeah.

* I'm a little disappointed that The Shadow Proclamation doesn't appear to be the 'big bad' of this season. I mean, ever since 'Rose' they've been built up to be the guys that you don't want to mess with and this Dalek creator guy is crazy. I hope that at the very least join the war with the Daleks and the humans in what I hope will become the second time war.

* I'm incredibly pleased that Rose changed her hair since 'Turn Left'. I hate it when people pull their hair back in the middle like that. It just looks ugly. Also, Rose was Rose again in this episode! Huzzah! I liked her again :D She stopped talking with that irritating lisp and she wasn't totally in control of the situation, which was good. And she completely broke my heart in this episode! She came across dimensions (how?) to find the Doctor and wasn't even being noticed. :( "Doctor it's me... I came back" *cries and makes icons of that scene*

* I love the Whoniverse reunion, I just wish we would spend more time with Donna, the Doctor and Rose in the finale, though. That being said, I'm loving the inside jokes that only people who've seen the SJA and TW would understand.

* I really like that the Daleks are scary for once. They've pretty much just been a joke all of the other times we've seen them. Having them invade Torchwood and Sarah-Jane's house shows how tough they really are, because you know that the humans stand absolutely no chance against them.

* It's a little sad they couldn't fit everybody's name into the beginning sequence.

* I'm incredibly sad that Tosh couldn't make the crossover, but I'm pleased she was mentioned :)

* I want Martha to join Torchwood season 2 and Gwen to be the next companion and Jack to join the Sarah Jane Adventures. Crossovers are fun! :D

* Since it is apparently now possible to get into the apparently time-locked time war I hope we get a look. I'd also be very interested in seeing what would happen if you crossed your own time line. Would it be like 'Fathers Day' or worse? I think it'd be worse, but I don't know exactly how.

* I'm intrigued as to why the planets are arranged the way they are. They fit together like pieces of an engine, but what for?

* "MAXIMUM EXTERMINATION!" Uh, yeah... cos people weren't getting exterminated enough already?

* I hope project indigo and the ostrahagon (?) key play major parts in the finale, because if not it is really weird to introduce them now, out of nowhere.

* "You are something new" said the woman from The Shadow Proclamation. The Doctor also mentioned in Turn Left that alternate universes seemed to be created around Donna a lot and that there were a lot of coincidences surrounding her. I get a feeling that Donna is more than human and has the power to alter universes or something crazy like that, but never knew she could. Just like how the Master masked himself to look human. Or perhaps Donna is Time Lord? That'd be fun :D

* The subwave (?)network was created by the Mr. Copper Foundation. I'm super-aware of what the recurring word(s) could be next season, and that's theory #1 :P

* I'm pleased Harriot Jones came back. Her story was kind of left hanging in the Christmas Invasion, and it's good to see it continued. And if my theory is correct, it will mean she doesn't die.

* I hope I'm not right in predicting that Donna has ANOTHER bug on her back and none of this was actually supposed to happen. Somebody told Donna in the Pompeii episode that she had something on her back, somebody mentioned in this episode the same thing and Rose said that computers gave a second reading that she'd had since birth. Could that possibly be a second bug thing and the Doctor was never supposed to regenerate. And Rose was never supposed to come across dimensions. And didn't the new archaeologist companion say that she recognised the Doctor's face from some of her early adventures with him? All signs point to something I really hope doesn't happen. I guess we'll find out when/if Sarah Jane, Ianto and Gwen all die in the first 10 seconds of the finale tomorrow. :P

And now I'm off to catch up on my flist! :D
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