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huzzah for foreshadowing!

Bad Wolf



The Shadow Proclamation!

Haha, take that Russel T. Davies, I figured it out for myself! And I still haven't watched either part of the finale!

I probably will tomorrow, I finished TW season 2 last night. That finale is by far the saddest episode in the history of television. I was crying uncontrollably throughout the last 10 minutes :P

And I also began DW season 4. It's a LOT better on the rewatch. It's so funny and there is so much foreshadowing, I love it. For example one of the future-seeing guys in the Pompeii episode told Donna that there was something on her back. The disappearing bees are mentioned a LOT, and let's not forget the Shadow Proclamation who have been around since episode one, yet for some inexplicable reason are being mentioned in almost every single episode now when Rose is being torn across dimensions and all of the stars are turning out... hmm...

Oh, and I think I like Donna more than Rose. That's possibly just because I'm watching her season, but I have so much Donna love right now! :D
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