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1. iladora has now friended me, which is nuts. What is that, like the 3rd friending in the last three days?

2. I want Martha to be on Torchwood season 3 to replace Owen! Originally I couldn't stand her on Doctor Who, but she's fantastic on Torchwood! Ooh, and I can't wait to meet the Tosh replacement. I intend to hate whoever it is, because nobody can ever replace Tosh. :D

3. I honestly can't believe I've lasted without watching the latest episode of DW. I have it, but I absolutely refuse to break my marathon!

4. Most of my icons have been submitted to my icontest comms, but I still have to enter gossipgirlelite. I don't think I've even entered there once, which must make whoever is modding there think I'm insane. I made this icon a while ago for one of the challenges, but forgot to submit it:

I actually really like it. It's a bit generic, especially considering what the styles are in iconing these days, but I still think it's fun.

5. Does anybody know of a good Torchwood icontest comm? I'm feeling rather TW-ish and I'm fairly sure I saw a good one a while back, but I can't remember where.

6. I (finally) got Firefox 3 installed. I rebooted the computer and had a crazy freak out attack because OH NO! My external harddrive wouldn't run!

Luckily it just needed to be off for a bit after being on all night, so it is working now. But that madness got me to thinking about how easily I could lose all of the art I've arted. So then I thought I'd post my very first wallpapers and icons so that they become immortalised on the internet, but also to keep things fresh and interesting for you, I'll make remakes of them. It'll be a fun 'then and now' thing. :D
Tags: doctor who, gossip girl, icons, icontests, iladora, torchwood

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