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forever and ever

1. I'm still watching Torchwood season 2. IT. IS. AMAZING! I am so blown away by the awesomeness of season 2! Watch it everybody! Watch it right now!

2. I have now read up to chapter 8. Ah, touche sparkling_gold, it is you who must catch up :P

Here are some thoughts I've had on the book so far:
-I like the way that the vampires move. It's very believable given how much strength and muscle control they have.
-I like that the father is a doctor. It seems very believable for somebody who has lived generations and seen a million deaths and sicknesses (potentially, I don't actually know yet)
-I don't like that Eddy has a total of two emotions. It seems that at any given moment he's either scowling or grinning.
-I still can't tell any of Bella's friends apart except for Mike because his over the top crushing.
-I also think that Kristen is the perfect casting for Bella. She fits her description to a tee.
-I'm curious as to why Bella can smell blood and also has very light. I think perhaps she's half-vampire.
-I feel that at the moment the story is winding down. It's not as fast-paced as it was earlier in the book.

Oh, and I realised the reason why I don't like reading. It's not that I don't like the reading part, it's the lack of visuals and sound that repels me. Regardless, I was thinking I might give HP another try?

Say, how many episodes of ANTM did you end up watching, sparkling_gold?

3. YAAY! I made a header for my journal!

It indulges my DW obsession and Billie Piper looks absolutely incredible in that shot. I'm not crazy about the yellow text, I think overall it makes my journal look loads better, so check it out and tell me what you think!

EDIT: Oh, and see how the header is a little wonky and off to side by about 5 pixels? Actually, it turns out that my header is perfectly centered, but my layout is off by a bit. Does anybody know how to fix that up?
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