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Hey guys! I have news!

1. nightcomes  friended me, which is totally awesome because nightcomes  rocks!

2. I got a paid megaupload account, because I want to be able to download multiple files at once (such as Secret Diary of a Call Girl from tvshare  :D). That also means I'll be able to upload those pictures in high quality for you to use as textures, drankmywar  and sparkling_gold  :)

After the two months of paid lj time I won at just__buffy  ran up I bought more paid lj time for a year, so... yay :D

4. Lately I've been looking for a uni course to do that focuses on Photoshop, photo manipulating and graphic design. Until today, I didn't think we had anything that was even remotely what I was looking for. And guess what! I found EXACTLY what I was looking for this morning when I opened the mail box! It's a short course (only a couple of hours every week for a couple of weeks) of advanced Photoshop techniques, which is absolutely perfect for me! :D

5. icons!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
They're all for challenges and I'm incredibly pleased with all of them, particularly the first, third and last. :D

6. Both sparkling_gold  and vanitashaze  said they would be interested in a tutorial if I were to write one, so that might happen soon. But my iconing style is has been changing so much recently, I think I'm going to wait a smidge longer for it to settle... maybe? Maybe not, though.

7. DW marathon-wise, I'm up to Torchwood 1x11. I LOVE TOSHIKO!

Then, once that's all done I was thinking of watching Amelie (because I haven't seen it in a while and I want to make Amelie icons)
Then I was gonna catch up with this season of sytycd (I still don't know who the first couple to go home are :o!) and season 4 of BSG.

And after that... Alias? I've mentioned to a couple of people recently that I haven't seen it and they both nearly had heart attacks.

Ugh, my list of shows to watch is headache-inducingly long... I can't wait to watch it all :D
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