Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

Okay, there we go. I did it. I tagged every single post I ever made, except those random ones that don't really have anything going on in them at all. :P

You know what? I advise other people to tag their posts also, or at the very least go back through all of their posts, because it's a really interesting experience.

I saw myself from saying things like "oh, I'm loving Whitney so much, I really hope she wins antm this cycle" to "ugh, as if Whitney won... I hate her!" and seeing myself discovering all of these shows for the very first time... priceless.
Oh, and the amount of foreshadowing in my life is completely insane! I was really surprised at how good of a read my lj was.

And it's funny because the phases in which I go through with friends are really noticeable. For two months, for example, I will mention harbourlight in every single post... and then not at all after that. I think at the moment I'm going through a sparkling_gold phase :P

You would NOT believe who my very first two commenters were on my very first icon post! Good ol' drankmywar and angdelia! Wow, such madness. What do you think of that drankmywar and angdelia?

Can I just say I was such a loser back then. Seriously... go read those earlier posts, because I was a crazy hilarious fool.
Tags: angdelia, drankmywar, harbourlight, sparkling_gold, tags

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