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Check it out! New layout! I've had that old one for ages and ages so I stole a new one from refuted! I love it. I feel very lj-ey now, my old one was boring because it was one I just made out of basic lj settings. :P

blueymcphluey blueymcphluey blueymcphluey

Now I've just got to make a header for it...


Seriously, my obsession with Doctor Who is totally out of control. I've been making icons around the clock, which, as I said, I never do.

Here are a couple: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I'm also marathoning it like nuts. I have a big schedule leading up to the finale planned out for me. I've already watched seasons 1-3 (up to and including Blink) of DW. And I'm currently watching TW season 1 and I'm up to Countrycide. I'm gonna finish that off, watch the season 3 DW finale, watch TW season 2, watch the DW Christmas special with Kylie Minogue, watch all of the Sarah Jane Adventures, then DW season four. By the time I get around to the end of season 4 the finale should be out, so I will have consumed the whole Whoniverse. XD

I want this finale to be part of something bigger, rather than me just watching it on a Sunday afternoon in forty minutes. And it looks like Russel T. Davies agrees, what with the bringing in of the TW and SJA characters and all.


I worked on Sunday. I wasn't supposed to be. I got paid double time, because it was a Sunday and because they had more people than they actually needed I essentially got paid double for doing absolutely nothing, which was brilliant! Also my Thusday afternoons have been reinstated, so I'm pleased about that :)


I wanna buy myself a cap, because I've found that my hair looks awesome after I've worn one.


I haven't entered all of my icontests this week and I'm feeling really guilty, but I'm just way too consumed by DW to even look at a GG cap.
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