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Hey guys, I got the Doctor Who soundtracks yesterday and OH MY GOD! They're so awesome! When watching the episodes you don't get even half of the awesomeness of the original music. I just keep listening to "Rose Defeats the Daleks" really loud again and again :P

I'm in a DW frenzy at the moment, so I'm really glad the new episode is up at tvshare and someone posted 'Doctors Daughter' stills up at celebutopia


I made some icons yesterday I love. This new colouring technique I've adopted is totally awesome!

FINALLY after making such terrible icons from this scene as Photobucket and Photobucket I make something good. I love my crazy obscure cropping and the way I've lit and coloured her face. :D


I don't know how I did it, but I think this looks like something letsey_x would make. Don't you think? With the light spldges and the reds... I'm really happy with it, because I've always wanted to achieve letsey_x's style, and now (even if I haven't really) I feel as if I have. :D


I made this terrible icon Photobucket a while ago and was too embarassed to post it, but I'm really pleased with the colouring and the lighting of the new version :D

Although my entry for this week at out_iconned is giving me hell! I don't like any of the caps we were given :(
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